New Mistresses season 2 chances revealed by main star Alyssa Milano AKA Savannah. Recently, TV Line got to chat with “Mistresses,” Savannah star, Alyssa Milano, a few days before last night’s season 1 finale show aired, and in one of their questions, she answered with more details about their chances of getting a new season 2. Fortunately, she sounded quite optimistic about it, claiming they have gotten a very good response for the show.

Also, they were supposed to know if the show would be renewed by mid-August,but that didn’t pan out. Instead, ABC just extended their options out until September 30th. So, right now, that’s what appears to be the deadline for their decision. Here’s what the beautiful Alyssa Milano had to say: “We all hope it happens. Everyone is pulling for us. We were supposed to find out about a pickup by August 15. And the network extended our contracts until September 30. So they have until September 30 to make a decision.

It’s tough to imagine that they won’t pick it up, only because the response has been so great from fans and the media. At least that’s where I’m keeping my mind at so I don’t completely stress out about the possibility of it not coming back. But these are the chances that we take when we choose to do television. It’s all such a crapshoot. You just don’t know what’s going to hit.” Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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