New NCIS New Orleans season 3,episode 1 first spoiler promo clip released. Recently, CBS served up the new, very first spoiler promo clip (below) for their upcoming “NCIS: New Orleans” episode 1 of season 3, and it looks very action-filled, super intense and quite dangerous as it’s revealed that a crazy sniper is out on the lose, shooting people left and right!

The NCIS: New Orleans crew is definitely having problems trying to track him down. The clip caps off with things appearing to come to a major head with a huge shootout scene, and more! Check it out, below. The episode is called, “Aftershocks.”

In the new episode 1 official plot summary: “The NCIS team will end up partnering with several federal agencies to track a sniper who is targeting crowded events in the city. Also, FBI Special Agent ,Tammy Gregorio, is going to arrive to investigate Pride and his team.”

The premiere episode is due to arrive this Tuesday night, September 20th at 9pm central time on CBS.

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