New Person Of Interest season 6 never happening,canceled for good by CBS. Hey, “Person Of Interest” fans. We wanted to do this one last POI post for you guys out there that haven’t heard the news yet that your favorite show has indeed been canceled by CBS.

The cancellation has been known for quite some time now as it was reported by TV Line way back in March 2016.

It had also been highly speculated since way last year when CBS gave it a much shorter 13 episode season. Also, we got a “goodbye” statement from the executive producers of the show, Jonathan Nolan and Greg Plageman.

Here’s what they had to say: “We’re extremely excited to be able share this final season with the fans. We’re eternally grateful to our amazing cast and crew, as well as our partners at the studio and network. Most of all, we want to thank the show’s fans, the best fans in the world.

This subversive little paranoia-inducing cyberpunk-thriller is for you and would not have been possible without your support. As life has come to imitate Person of Interest, it’s been our great privilege to work on show for the past five seasons. We can’t wait for you to experience this thrilling and final chapter.”

Alright guys. So, that’s it for POI. Lets have a moment of silence. RIP “Person Of Interest.” Stay tuned.

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