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New Pitch Perfect 2 Jessie details revealed by Jessie actor Skylar Astin,new clip. Recently, Celebrified caught up to “Pitch Perfect” Jessie star, Skylar Astin, and he dished up some new details about what Jessie might be doing in the 2nd installment, basically just confirming that he knows Jessie will be back, and will most likely have a significant role in it, and more (video below).

In the new clip, Skylar revealed that his character, Jessie, is definitely returning for the sequel. He hasn’t completed his paperwork aka contracts yet, but his character is definitely written into the script. He doesn’t yet know to what extent his character will be involved, but he thinks it’s significant.

Next, he revealed that he honestly isn’t sure what exactly is going on with the Pitch Perfect 2 script, but he’s definitely excited to be involved in it, and liked working with the great Anna Kendrick aka Beca. The clip capped off with them talking about Skylar’s new role on Glee. Heck, I’ll actually tune in for Glee if he’s on there. Check it out,below.

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