New Robert Pattinson ‘Bel Ami’ multiple flirting movie clip released online. Recently,this new clip for Twilight mega star Robert Pattinson’s new “Bel Ami” drama clip,hit the net,and they feature Rob’s character Georges Deroy, flirting it up with three chicks at the same time,and more. The movie stars: Robert Pattinson, Uma Thurman, Kristin Scott Thomas,and Christina Ricci.

In the clip, Georges gives Christini Ricci’s character Clotilde de Marelle a nice,little,flirty hand kiss. Then Uma Thurman’s character Madeleine Forestier,shows up on the scene,and Georges starts flirting with her,while Kristin Scott Thomas’ character Virginie Walters is there as well.

After that,some guy starts coughing to death,it appears. Then we see Georges giving off an angry-looking stare. Check it out,below. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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