New Scorpion season 3,episode 3 official spoilers,synopsis released by CBS. Recently, CBS delivered the new,official synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming “Scorpion” episode 3 of season 3, and it sounds like things will get really crazy, very dangerous and really dramatic as the Scorpion crew has to work ,fast, to bring Walter back to Earth after he accidentally gets launched into outer space in a rocket! He’s almost about to run out of oxygen too! The episode is called, “It Isn’t the Fall That Kills You.”

In the new episode 3 press release: When Walter is accidentally launched into space in a rocket, he will end up hallucinating about Paige as his oxygen runs low, and Team Scorpion is going to work, feverishly, to find a way to bring him home before he suffocates.

Guest stars include: Scott Porter (Tim Armstrong), Andy Buckley (Elia), Jake Renner (Consul), Christopher Showerman (Captain) and Rasha Goel (Reporter). The episode was written by Nick Santora and Scott Sullivan, and Sanford Bookstaver directed it.

Episode 3 is scheduled to air on Monday night, October 10th at 9pm central time on CBS. Stay tuned.

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