New Selena Gomez ‘Wizards Of Waverly Place 2’ 1st movie trailer released yesterday. Yesterday morning, Disney finally dropped the first movie trailer (below) for their upcoming “The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex” movie,which is a follow-up to the original “Wizards Of Waverly Place,” and looks like there’s quite a bit of drama and action going down as Alex gets herself into a huge bind when she tries to cast a spell to get rid of her bad qualities,and more. Check it out,below.

The movie stars: Selena Gomez, Jennifer Stone, Jake T. Austin, David Deluise, and Maria Canals-Barrera. In the new flick, Alex faces a major magical dilemma when she and The Russo family travels to Pisa. Alex struggles to control her urges to use dark magic, so she decides to “cast out everything bad”, which accidentally causes her to create an evil version of herself.

Eventually, they battle it out in an bigtime showdown. It’s scheduled to air on March 15th,2013 on the Disney Channel. Stay tuned.Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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