New Shannara Chronicles season 2 still in question,MTV hasn’t decided yet. Hey, “Shannara Chronicles” fans. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to confirm with you guys, tonight, whether or not your favorite show is getting a new season 2, because MTV just hasn’t made up their freaking minds yet according to

There is some encouraging news, though, as the co-exucutive producer of the show, David Blocker, thinks that there is a high possibility for a new season 2, stating: “In the US, it delivered beyond what MTV had expected and that’s hard because they expected a lot.”

The website,, asked him, point blank, if a new season 2 was happening, and he replied with: “From all aspects it looks like we are headed for a future. I think within a month, MTV should have enough information. They feel confident about it and we are all actively trying to figure it out right now.”

Alright, guys. So, it looks like you’re just going to have to keep your fingers crossed and hope what the producer said, is true. We’ll definitely let you know how things pan out. Stay tuned.

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