New Sleepy Hollow season 4 questionable,FOX is yet to renew it. Hey, “Sleepy Hollow” fans. Unfortunately, we’re not going to be able to confirm with you guys, tonight, whether or not you’ll see a season 4 of your favorite show as FOX is currently undecided about renewing according to ecumenicalnews.

They’re also reporting that a castmember might be leaving the show, along with the ratings not improving. So, it doesn’t sound like great news for it’s future. In addition to this not so great news, they said actor, Zach Appelman, who plays Joe Corbin on the show, has indeed confirmed his exit from the show, so his character’s death is definitely going to stick.

The ratings for this show, reportedly started slipping, heavily, in the 2nd season, and have just continued their downward spiral for some reason. So, we’ll see if that becomes this show’s undoing. Stay tuned.

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