New Sons Of Anarchy season 6 spoilers dished out by producer and Collider . Recently, Sons Of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter chatted it up with Collider,and dished another big slew of season 6 spoilery details that we can expect.

Kurt started off the interview by revealing that Donal Logue will definitely be back for at least 8 episodes to reprise his Lee Toric character. He also revealed that Lee will be quite dangerous in season 6,stating, “I believe that character will be a big character next season, and probably the most dangerous threat that the club’s ever had, just in terms of a guy with law enforcement weight and credentials, or connections. And yet, because he’s retired, he does not have the legal handcuffs or morality hurdles that maybe some of our other law enforcement members have had.”

Kurt also revealed that Jimmy Smits aka Nero might be back,stating, “We left it open-ended because I wasn’t sure on his availability. I feel like there’s enough emotional weight on the table and enough relationship weight on the table for us to continue that storyline, and yet I was careful not to pin any major story arc to his character, just in case that couldn’t happen. But, I think we’re in the process right now of figuring out Jimmy’s availability, in trying to make that work.”

He said, if his own character Otto comes back, “it will just be grunts and me scribbling shit on paper.” Next, Kurt revealed how he wanted Jax to end up,going into season 6,stating, “I really wanted to get to a place where perhaps Jax realizes that he’s better at being an outlaw than he is at being a husband and a father. There’s an allure that comes with power and prestige that he wasn’t aware of, or maybe was aware of, but didn’t necessarily have to make a decision about.

I’m not saying that’s where we’re ultimately going to be, but in this moment, there is a sense of, I’m completely successful, on the one hand, and yet I’ve completely failed at this other thing. Maybe I’m just supposed to be doing the thing I’m good at. That’s really where I wanted to have Jax land, at the end. ”

He also revealed that he’d love to bring actress Drea de Matteo aka Wendy Teller back,because he has a lot more story tell with her character. After that, Kurt chatted about Clay’s character and revealed, “I really wanted to give the sense that there’s a death nail for Clay. He’s really a dead man walking, or in this case, a dead man riding between lots of black men. I really wanted to set it up so that Jax was successful in his death by proxy option that he’s chosen for Clay.

How that will play out exactly, I’m not sure yet. Whether or not Clay will make it through Season 6, I’m not sure. What I don’t want to do is get into another situation where it’s another almost death of Clay. I think that is very unsatisfying. I’m not quite sure where Clay’s end date will be, but I do think it ultimately has to be near. But, there is still some more story to tell.”

He also revealed that Jax will be trying to figure how he’ll fix the club from the inside now that all the external things have been removed. He commented on Chibs character,revealing that their will be a lot of story to tell there with he and Jax. They will be exploring “Is Chibs capable of maintaining that level of loyalty, as Jax goes on this darker journey? Will he then be burdened to be the guy that has the voice of reason, and what does that mean for their relationship? I think the main relationships that will be played out, will be with Jax and Chibs, and then also with Jax and Bobby. ”

Finally, Kurt revealed that his original plan was to finish up the show in 7 seasons. However, he may try to do an 8th season if he feels that there’s enough story to tell,but he definitely doesn’t want to carry on the show longer than it needs to. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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