New Sons Of Anarchy season 6 spoilers dished up by producer Kurt Sutter. Recently, TV Line got the chance to chat it up with “Sons of Anarchy” producer Kurt Sutter,and he dropped a whole slew of new spoilery things we can expect to see in the upcoming season 6.

He kicked things off by revealing that they may reveal how Tara’s arrest was set into motion,and whether or not Gemma ratted her out. He couldn’t say where he wants season 6 to start off just yet. Next, he revealed that Tara’s storyline is completely opened up now,stating, “Now she’s plugged herself into a situation that’s blown back on her, and she can suffer the same outlaw consequences. So, what does that do now to her? What does it do to that relationship? To me, it opens up a whole new level of possibilities for that character.”

After that, he commented on Clay’s spotty future ,if there is one,stating: “I don’t know if there is longevity. Not that the premiere of Season 6 will be Clay getting a bullet in his head, but the intention was that we end this season with Clay a doomed guy. That will be a reality for that character in Season 6.” Also, they’re going to vote for a new VP ,to replace Bobby, next time they have church.

Next, he chatted about whether or not Juice is in the clear for ratting out the club, stating, ” I didn’t want to undermine that moment and make Jax look like a psychopath. Also, I wanted the option of going in a couple different directions in Season 6. I didn’t want to put a bow on it with a beatdown, which suggests that all is forgiven and this is how we’re going to fix it. I just like the idea that it’s out there and maybe we play it, maybe we don’t play it. But ultimately, Juice has earned,for now anyhow,some time.”

From there, Kurt went on to reveal that Donal Logue is definitely coming back,and that he’s going to try and get Jimmy Smits and Billy Brown to come back and do an arc for the show in season 6. Then he chatted about his own character Otto,stating, “Here’s the good thing: I won’t ever have to say anything else again. I’ll be mumbling and I’ll be writing stuff on pads. That’s all I’ll have to do. I dunno, my intention was to always see Otto make it to the gas chamber and play that scene out. I think that’s an interesting place to see these guys go. I don’t know if or when that will happen, but, again, I didn’t foresee anything we did with him this season. It just became a great way to plug Tara into that world and set her up. So, who knows?”

Finally,he revealed that the new dog Tiggy may be back if it doesn’t cost to much to rent him,stating, “For me and for Tiggy, it was Dawn’s replacement. It was giving him another child at the end of the show, so he had something to love. I don’t know how much that dog costs per day, so that will dictate whether or not we have it again.” Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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