New Sons Of Anarchy season 7 spoilers teasers revealed by Producer Kurt Sutter. Recently, TV Line chatted it up with “Sons Of Anarchy” creator/producer, Kurt Sutter, to get the 411 on what’s coming up for season 7. He also talked about why Tara had bite the dust, and more.

Kurt started off by explaining himself with this whole Tara death madness, stating, “Obviously, it’s a major shift in the mythology. I knew, ultimately, where I wanted to take Jax in the final season I wanted to remove his ‘True North,’ because I feel like there needs to be this major psychic and emotional shift that has to happen.

What direction it will push him in we will see next season. But what happens to a guy like that now that he’s lost both of the people he loves the most, who were able to be his moral compass, with Opie and now Tara. It really is Jax completely untethered and on his own in the final season.”

Kurt also revealed that he knew he was going to have to kill off Tara in season 6 as far back as season 2! Next, Kurt commented on where season 7 might pick up, stating, “I don’t want to lose the weight of what’s happened in the finale. There may be a little bit of time [passed] like we had this season, which will be a few weeks, but there won’t be a vast amount of time.”

He revealed that Jimmy Smits aka Nero will be back in action for season 7, stating, “Yeah, we made a deal with Jimmy. I love him and feel that he brings such gravitas to the show. I want to be able to play that out.” Peter Weller aka Charles Barosky will be back as well. Kurt said, ” Even if I wanted Peter to go away, Peter wouldn’t go away. Peter will be back. A lot of that stuff is happening in Stockton. And I’d love to bring back Kim Dickens‘ character as well.”

Next, he commented on Juice’s fate, stating, “I’m not quite sure exactly where that’s headed. Knowing that he’s betrayed Jax is not necessarily a place that you want to be in in the outlaw community. I don’t think it was a calculated move on Juice’s part to save Gemma; in the moment he did what was expected of him.

But now, the great thing is that we get this rich dynamic between the two of them. They were tied with the whole Clay of it all and now they’re deeply tied with this secret. Now, we have really something fun to play with.” Kurt really wants to bring CC Pounder aka Tyne Patterson back around as well. He stated, ” I’d love to bring CC back and we’re in the process of trying to bring her back.

That relationship between Jax and Patterson was way more potent than anything I could have imagined with Donal Logue‘s character. She’s got that really strong maternal energy, but it’s a little bit masculine. We got to see that dynamic play out in that scene at the ice cream shop. I’d love to bring her back and play with what does she do now?

Procedurally, what would happen is they would bring Jax in and place him in custody and question him extensively. We’ll see what that all looks like next year. I just knew that I didn’t want to end the season on a police beat.” Stay tuned. Season 7 debuts next Fall 2014. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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