New Suits season 6,episode 10 official spoilers,synopsis released by USA Network. Recently, USA Network served up the new, official synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming “Suits” episode 10 of season 6, and it sounds like things will get very interesting, extremely dramatic and super intense as major drama breaks out when Rachel and Jessica do everything they can to save Bailey’s life.

We’re also going to see Louis and Harvey try to get their most loyal client to stay onboard, so that their other PSL clients don’t leave, and more. The episode is called, “P.S.L.”

In the new episode 10 press release: Jessica and Rachel will end up fighting to save Leonard Bailey’s life. Harvey and Louis are going to try to convince their oldest and most loyal client to stay in an attempt to keep other PSL clients from jumping ship.

Episode 10 is scheduled to air on Wednesday night, September 14th at 8pm central time on the USA Network. Stay tuned.

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