New Superman,Man Of Steel Clark & Lois spoilery details & more dished by director & crew. Recently, Empire Magazine,chatted it up with Superman: Man Of Steel’s director Zack Snyder,main actor Henry Cavill,and screenwriter David Goyer for their latest Super Hero movies 2013 edition,and got some new semi-spoilery details out of them.

To kick things off,it turns out that we’ll see a much more cooler version of Clark Kent when it comes to dealing with Lois Lane in this flick. Zack explained, “That gives a bit of the DNA of the movie away. Suffice to say, whether it is Superman or Kal-El or Clark Kent, we wanted to make him cooler. You’ll have to wait and see the why of it. Amy Adams is everything you would hope for from Lois Lane.”

Henry also said something about it,but refused to give out too much info. He stated, “I can’t talk about that too much. I don’t want to be giving away the idea of the film too early, but Amy is a great actress, very professional, a pleasure to work with.” From there, David Goyer threw in a statement that revealed that Clark will not know how he flies,and more,saying, “We worked out things for our own purposes,but that is not that important. It’s interesting that he doesn’t know how he flies. He didn’t grow up on Krypton.”

To cap it all off, Henry added to David’s statement,saying, “The tricky thing is there is a sense of awe and also a sense of being frightened.” Stay tuned. Man of Steel arrives in theaters on June 14th,2013. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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