New Superman,Man Of Steel spoilers revealed by Laurence Fishburne AKA Perry White. Recently, the Toronto Sun, hit up “Superman:Man Of Steel,” Perry White,star Laurence Fishburne for some new spoilers on what we might see in the flick,and it turns out that Perry White’s character really isn’t going to deliver a huge impact in this first installment as the film is mostly origin based.

During the video interview on their site, Laurence told them, that his character,Perry White’s impact will be quite minimal as the movie will mostly be a story about Superman’s origins,and that’s what it’s mostly going to focus on. From there, they asked him about a possible sequel,and he said that it actually hasn’t been confirmed yet as they need to see how this first one is going to do.

Keep in mind,though, that we do already have reports that WB has already hired current screenwriter ,David S. Goyer, to pen the 2nd movie,so it sounds like somebody is out of the loop,lol! Anyways, Man Of Steel is set to arrive in theaters on June 14th,2013. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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