New Teen Wolf season 3 Scott,Allison teaser spoilers and more revealed by Scott actor. Recently, Entertainment Weekly got to chat it up with Teen Wolf, Scott, star, Tyler Posey, and he revealed some new,season 3 spoiler scoops,particularly when it comes to Scott and Allison.

It turns out that as far as their old spark-filled relationship goes, it’s still there,but it’s going to be put on the backburner for now as everyone is way too busy trying to stay alive with these new,vicious Alphas on the attack,and more.Tyler stated, “Allison and Scott have sparks. They have history, and they’ve got a deep love for one another. It’s not really love that could turn into another relationship, but those sparks never really go away.

There’s going to be some awkward sexual tension, but I think for the most part, everyone’s going to try to focus on saving each other’s lives rather than getting back together.” Lastly, Tyler revealed that Scott may start to realize that he might not ever be able to get back with Allison, or then again,maybe he will. Tyler confusingly explained, “Allison is very big in Scott’s world and he just wants nothing but for her to be happy, and maybe be with her.

But if that can’t happen, Scott’s growing up to the point where he can accept the fact that they won’t be together anymore,but that may not be the case! Because they could get back together. I just contradict myself with everything I say.” Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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