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New The Intern movie got mixed reviews from top critics. Warner Bros. Pictures released their new drama/comedy flick, “The Intern,” into theaters this weekend, and all the reviews are in from the top movie critics. It turns out that they were pretty mixed on it, giving it an overall 52 score out of a possible 100 score across 34 reviews at

The movie stars: Robert De Niro, Robert De Niro, Anne Hathaway, Rene Russo, Anders Holm, Adam DeVine, Andrew Rannells, Linda Lavin, Christina Scherer, Celia Weston, JoJo Kushner, Zack Pearlman, Jason Orley and Nat Wolff. We’ve added comments from a few of the critics, below.

Richard Roeper at the Chicago Sun-Times, gave it a great 88 score, saying: “With some genuinely insightful dialogue, a number of truly funny bits of physical business, and small scenes allowing us to get know and like a half-dozen supporting players, The Intern grows us on from scene to scene, from moment to moment.”

Mick LaSalle from the San Francisco Chronicle, gave it a 75 score, stating: “The success of this film may ride entirely on the alchemy of these particular actors, but whatever is carrying it, The Intern gets there.”

Glenn Kenny from, gave it a 75 grade, saying: “Here’s the thing: The Intern, while having its share of silly moments, is the most genuinely enjoyable and likable movie that Meyers — a longtime writer and producer before taking up directing — has put her name to since, oh, I don’t know, 1984’s “Irreconcilable Differences.”

Mark Olsen over at the Los Angeles Times, gave it a 70 score. He said: “With The Intern, Meyers has made another bright, contemporary American comedy with a lot on its mind — and works hard to make it look effortless.”

Leah Greenblatt at Entertainment Weekly, gave it a 67 grade, stating: “Hathaway’s take on the underwritten Jules is refreshingly unshowy, but De Niro seems a little lost.”

Peter Travers from Rolling Stone, gave it a 63 score,stating: “It’s not much of a movie. But raging bull Robert De Niro, suited up to play for humor and heart, proves he can be a world-class charmer.”

Michael Phillips at the Chicago Tribune, gave it a 63 score. He stated: “Has its bright spots but is practically blinded by its own privileged perspective of life among the landed gentry of Brooklyn.”

James Rocchi at TheWrap, gave it a 60 score, saying: “The Internship delivers what it promises, no more and no less, and faulting it for not being a rougher, tougher, smarter film about how much we all seem to live our lives through our work today would be like yelling at a spoon for not being a knife.”

Sara Stewart from the New York Post, gave it a 50 grade, saying: “Nancy Meyers is known for her obsession with kitchens — sun-drenched, timelessly chic architectural marvels that provide a safe haven for all the director’s characters. The Intern puts a new spin on this trope: Robert De Niro is the kitchen.”

Ann Hornaday at the Washington Post, gave it a 50 grade. He said: “Meyers seems content to make a nice movie about nice people doing their best to be nice to each other despite one or two not-nice things that happen along the way. That’s all very nice, but not particularly the stuff of potent or rousing entertainment.”

Brian Truitt from USA Today, gave it a 50 score,stating: “For someone of De Niro’s reputation, this Intern gig is a thankless job.”

Manohla Dargis from The New York Times, gave it a 50 grade, stating: “Mr. De Niro owns the movie from the moment he opens his mouth, and is staring into the camera and right at you.”

Stephen Farber from The Hollywood Reporter, gave it a 50 score. He stated: “Given the vacuity of the script, it must be admitted that Hathaway achieves something of a triumph. She’s always engaging and keeps the character on a human rather than superhuman scale.”

Guy Lodge over at Variety, gave it a 40 score, saying: “It takes all the leads’ considerable combined charm to forestall the aftertaste of the pic’s smug life lessons and near-comically blinkered worldview.”

Ty Burr from the Boston Globe, gave it a 38 score, stating: “The Intern is bizarrely retrograde, implying that every working woman only needs a cuddly Yoda daddy to make it in the world of business. It’s soft in the heart — and soft in the head.”

Lastly, Joe Morgenstern from the Wall Street Journal, gave it a bad 30 grade, claiming: “This clumsy comedy, written and directed by Nancy Meyers, turns an implausible but intriguing premise into a tale of generational collision that reflects dimly on old and young alike.” Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Google Plus by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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