We have already talked a bit about the upcoming Michael Winterbottom thriller The Killer Inside Me, starring the gorgeous Kate Hudson and Jessica Alba along with the ever-so-creepy Casey Affleck. The official poster and trailer hit the web today, and thanks to JoBlo.com, we have it to share.

Killer Inside Me Poster
Credit: IFC Films

The Killer Inside Me is now an official selection at both Sundance and Tribeca Film Festivals, and is causing quite a stir before it hits theatres June 18th. I have personally been excited about this film for quite some time, because psychological thrillers always tend to draw me in, especially when they have a cast like this one. Casey Affleck has proven to be one of the baddest motha’s around already in Gone Baby Gone, and it looks like Killer will be no exception. Although this time, he’s wearing a creepy grin and cowboy boots.

The Killer Inside Me stars Jessica Alba as a prostitute in small-town Texas, and also the focus of Casey Affleck‘s character’s desire and rage, while Kate Hudson plays the sweet and sexy schoolteacher/girlfriend. The preview below doesn’t show nearly as much as the one we shared previously, and while I normally like a little mystery, I don’t think that this new version gives us enough of the puzzle, despite showing Hudson and Alba in various states of undress.

So while the trailer and the film have both opened to mixed reviews, I can’t help but remain curious about what this film will turn out to be like in its full form. Because for me, seeing Kate Hudson spanked just isn’t worth the price of a movie ticket! Check out the new trailer and poster below.

Killer Inside Me Poster

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