New Transformers 4 first movie teaser pic hit the net from director Michael Bay. Recently, Transformers movie director Michael Bay,hit up his official Facebook page to reveal the very first teaser pic for the 4th installment,and it looks pretty interesting as it features Optimus Prime’s huge head nestled in front of a crowd of civilians. All in all,I’d say it’s a nice first teaser showing for the film.

In related news, Transformers 4 will reportedly be filming in China for strong financial purposes,and is set to kick off in either April or May 2013. Actor Mark Wahlberg was named the lead star a couple months ago. His character will have a daughter who has a race car-driving boyfriend.

I think they’re still in the process of casting those roles. However,there are rumors in place for who might be playing those roles. It has a release date set for June 27th,2014. Stay tuned. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here.

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