New Transformers 4 movie possibly rehiring sexy Megan Fox,new spoiler rumor. According to a recent report from, there’s a huge,new spoiler rumor on the loose,claiming that the beautiful,sexy starlet ,Megan Fox,may possibly be returning to the franchise that made her star, Transformers 4,baby!

Ok,so now here’s how the rumor got started. It turns out that a couple forums brought up the fact that Paramount Pictures, apparently posted this latest Transformers 4 set photo (above) on their official Instagram page,and included the hashtag Megan Fox at the end of the caption description. This,of course, got people talking and thinking that our beloved Megan may be making her way back to the explosive Transformers set.

Alright now keep in mind,nothing has been officially announced yet, and Paramount did remove the photo from their Instagram page,so we have no idea what’s really going on with that whole thing. Basically, we’re calling it a speculative rumor at this point. I personally hope that Megan is coming back,because she’s just so got damn sexy,and I don’t know,I thought she did a pretty good job in Transformers.

Another thing to keep in mind that Megan appears to have fully made up with Transformers director ,Michael Bay,and is currently co-starring in his newly-produced flick, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” as April O’Neil. So, a Transformers return could be a very realistic possibility. Stay tuned. Transformers 4 is set to arrive in theaters on June 27th,2014. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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