New True Blood season 6 promo pic gives first look at Sookie,Tara,Nora intense action. Recently, TV Line served up a couple,new “True Blood” season 6 promo pics,and this one,in particular, features a new,first look at main star Sookie in action with vampires Tara and Nora. And they all look as hot as they wanna be while being shocked out of their minds at something they’re looking at.

As previously reported, we’re going to see Sookie rescue Nora from getting murdered by a very emotional Jason Stackhouse at one point during the season. Jason is also going to get involved in a new love triangle. We’ll see Sookie entertaining a new love interest outside of the Bill,Eric,and Alcide madness. So, season 6 is starting to seem a bit more interesting as we get closer to the premiere date.

Season 6 is scheduled to premiere on Sunday night,June 16th at 9pm on HBO. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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