New True Blood season 6 set pic shows Alexandar Skarsgard in Eric Northman action. According to, this is new set photo from the upcoming True Blood season 2,featuring one of the more popular stars Alexandar Skarsgard, reprising his role as Eric Northman. It looks very interesting as he’s totally dressed to impress in a black suit ensemble.

Unfortunately, no significant details about the main stars has been revealed, so we have no idea what he’s up to here. Hopefully, that we’ll change as the premiere date, draws near. In related news,other set photos,came out,showing the new Louisiana Governor in action,and it sounds like he’ll bring new trouble to Bon Temps as he has an extreme hatred for vampires,since his wife actually left him for one,lol!! That’s a pretty intriguing storyline all by itself.

It should also be interesting to see what they do with the new, evil Bill now that he’s a super Billeth vamp. Man, that was crazy. Stay tuned. Season 6 debuts in June 2013. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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