New True Blood season 6 set pic shows first look at Bill Compton in action. As previously reported,a couple,new, set photos from the upcoming True Blood season 6,hit the net,via ,and this one,in particular, gives us a new,first look at actor Stephen Moyer aka Bill Compton in action on the set. We’re not sure this is what he’ll look like in the season,however, as he’s supposed to be all super,bloody,vamp now.

This photo was taken on the same set that the new Louisiana Governor is on,so maybe Bill shows up in that scene. Who knows? Not much info has been dished for the main characters of the show as of yet. Hopefully,we’ll hear something pretty soon,though.

We do know that this new Governor guy has major issues with vampires since his wife left him for one. So, there will definitely be some new trouble in Bon Temps this season. Stay tuned. Season 6 debuts in June 2013. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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