New True Blood season 6,episode 2 title & spoilers revealed. Recently, Spoiler TV revealed some new spoilers and the episode title for True Blood episode 2 of the upcoming season 6. The spoiler teasers come by way of casting calls that the show is currently holding. The 2nd episode is titled, ” Here Comes The Sun,” and I don’t think that will really bode well for vampires.

Anyways, in the spoilers, they’re looking to cast Niall’s protective mother for a flashback scene set in 3500 B.C., in which a young Niall also appears. Next, they’re bringing on a new prostitute named Veronica,who makes money by letting vampires feed on her. She will obviously be a guest role.

Also,showing up on the scene,is character Willa Burrell, who is Governor Burrell’s daughter, and she will disagree with her father’s agenda to harm vampires. Her role is recurring. Last,but not least,we have character Maggie who is 35 years old,pregnant,and convinced that her husband left her to raise their child by himself. Season 6 is scheduled to debut in June 2013. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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