New Twilight Breaking Dawn pic features Kristen Stewart wrapping Robert Pattinson tight. Hey Twilighters I saw this new,interesting pic,and thought I’d post it. It features Kristen Stewart tightly wrapped around Robert Pattinson in a “behind the scenes” shoot when Access Hollywood visited the set,and I must say,they looked quite cozy together. At one point,they were giggling up a storm.

This particular scene is,of course, the romantic waterfall scene. However,the two love birds show PDA just about everywhere in this flick. They’re very happy for a little while,but like most movie romances, it gets cut short when Bella gets pregnant with Edwards half vampire spawn.

After that,it will show Bella struggling to just,well,live. The Cullens will also have to protect her from getting ripped apart by an angry wolf pack. It should be intense. It hits theaters on November 18th. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here.

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