New Walking Dead season 3 Michonne Becoming spoiler teaser revealed . Recently,Collider,chatted it up with Walking Dead,Michonne,star Danai Gurira and she dished out a new ,season 3 spoiler teaser for her character,along with giving a little insight to how real her sword actually is. Apparently that thing can really kill somebody,and it’s terribly expensive too.

First, she revealed that her sword is definitely real and is worth about $20,000,which sounds real pricey for a sword. My goodness. She explained that “they’re built from scratch. They’re no joke. But, they don’t make it razor sharp. It would make no sense to put a razor sharp sword in an actor’s hands. They’re sharp enough to do damage, if they’re wielded at full speed at someone’s neck. They would cut.” Whoa!

Lastly, she revealed that although Michonne has mostly conflicts with people right now,she will eventually have a beautiful becoming,stating, Michonne’s “not a people pleaser. She listens to her instincts. She’s not trying to be your friend. But, once she’s decided on her, like with Andrea, forget about it.

That’s really her, in a nutshell, at least initially. I think she has a beautiful becoming. She’s on an arc. There’s a becoming that she goes through this season, that I love.” Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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