New Walking Dead season 7 definitely happening,new spoilers coming soon. Hey, “The Walking Dead” fans. It is with great pleasure that we can officially confirm with you guys, right now, that your favorite show will indeed be returning for a new season 7! According to TV Line, the renewal announcement actually took place way back in December 2015, so it’s been known for a good minute now.

This also means that you guys can comfortably expect new spoilers, photos, videos and all that good stuff in the upcoming weeks and months, so be on the lookout for that. During the big AMC, Walking Dead renewal announcement, AMC President Charlie Collier, had this to say: “Thank goodness someone had a Magic 8-Ball with them in our many long internal meetings about these renewals.

When, on the third shake, ‘without a doubt’ filled the murky blue screen, we knew we had to proceed with new seasons of The Walking Dead and Talking Dead.”

Right now, we’re guessing that season 7 will debut in October 2016 like it always does. Stay tuned.

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