New Walking Dead season 7 intense spoiler trailer clip released. As previously reported, the AMC folks have shown up at the huge 2016 Comic-Con event in San Diego,CA this weekend, and they delivered new trailer/spoiler clips for some of their shows.

This one (below), is for the Walking Dead’s upcoming season 7, and it looks extremely intense and very interesting as Rick and company are spotted having to yield to Negan’s vicious rules! A new leader named King Ezekiel is spotted on the scene at one point, and more!

In the new clip, we see a whole bunch of scenes from past episodes to kick it off. Then it shows new footage from the upcoming season 7. Rick and company are spotted under the total control of new villain Negan!

At one point, we see a guy that calls himself King Ezekiel, talking about, “welcome to the kingdom,” so that looked very interesting. He also has a mammoth tiger as a pet. They show a ton of new fighting and shootout scenes that feature a great amount of action and drama, and more! Check it out,below.

Season 7 is set to debut in October 2016. Stay tuned.

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