New X Men,Wolverine 2 movie revealed 20 minutes of new spoilers,new clip. Recently, the huge “Wolverine 2: The Wolverine” movie ,dropped this new clip (below),which features main star Hugh Jackman and director James Mangold ,discussing spoilers and details about the new flick for over 20 minutes.

In the new clip, Hugh revealed that Logan aka Wolverine is going to be at one of the lowest points in his life,and we’re going to see him be more vulnerable than we’ve ever seen him before. They also revealed that they’ve just got a few more things they need to film before they wrap up production. James revealed that Logan will be in a place where he has no ties to any of the other X-Men he was involved with in the past, explaining that he wanted to create a movie where Wolverine doesn’t have to answer another movie,and could basically stand alone by itself, so they can take Logan in the direction they want to take him.

The clip goes on to reveal a slew other things about the film,and more. Check it out,below. The movie hits theaters on July 26th,2013. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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