I was a big fan of the Ghost Rider comics. Yes, even the original series, not just the refresh. But when it came time for the big screen adaptation I skipped it. Thanks a lot, Nic Cage. Cage was simply the wrong casting for Johnny Blaze and I wasn’t going to have anything to do with it. Looks like enough people made it worth their while though.

In a recent interview with MTV, Cage revealed the ongoing plans for a revival of the hell-rider with Ghost Rider 2. No big steps have been made, such as picking a villain or even narrowing down the plot, but they’ve got some ideas.

“There have been talks and good ones with where to go with the character,” explained Cage. “It looks like it will take place in Europe and the character will work with the [Catholic] Church. It’ll be a completely new experience. It’s exciting.”

The Hell-Rider in cahoots with the Vatican? Seriously? Anyone interested in seeing where Cage will take Blaze next?

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