Nina Acosta eliminated from Survivor 24,One World in episode 2 tonight. According to ontheflix, CBS aired the 2nd episode of Survivor 24, earlier tonight,and it led to the demise of 50 something year old Nina Acosta.

It kicked off with some commentary footage amongst the ladies. They told the guys about Kourtney,leaving,because she broke her wrist in three different places. Then Alicia pretended to make up with Christina to her face,but behind her back,she talked enough crap about her to fill up 50 dumpster trucks.

Alicia also gave the first hint that Nina was the target this week,claiming she looked like a bag of rocks,and that they couldn’t win competitions with her around. After that,the ladies decided to make Sabrina their leader,and they also fought over who should do what. They looked like a mess.

Then the two tribes received a note,telling them they would be competing in a “do it yourself” Rewards challenge,and the winning tribe,received a tarp to keep them shielded from the rain. The guys ended up pulling out the victory,leaving the women very upset again.

Shortly after that, they showed footage of the guys complaining about how gay Colton doesn’t do anything around camp,and always tries to hang with the girls too much. The girls also followed suit,and told Colton he needs to get out of their mix,because he’s around too much.

After wondering around,upset,Colton made his way back to the girls camp,again,and begged them to let him stay with them. They finally had to tell Colton that it was just not an option for him to spend all his time with them,because he is still apart of the guy’s team whether he likes it or not.

Next, Colton told a few of the guys, he had the immunity idol,and talked about making plans against Michael and Matt,who seem to be running the guy’s camp at the moment. Then everyone was called for the immunity challenge. The guys ended up creaming the girls in that one too,and took home immunity for the 2nd straight time. The girls were really upset with Kat,especially Nina,because they felt like Kat was mostly responsible for them losing.

Nina really pushed to get Kat voted out,and appeared to be convincing the girls just before the tribal counsel. At the tribal counsel,Nina called Kat out,and Kat didn’t back down. She took full responsibility for them losing the challenge,and hoped they would give her another shot. Then they casts their votes.

Kat got 1 vote,Nina got 4 votes,and Christina got 1 vote. So with 4 whopping votes,Nina was ousted. I think they liked Kat’s vibe more,and Nina was always grumpy. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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