Re-Animator” came at a time when horror fans were in a zombie rut. The typical zombie formula was getting old and then this innovative film came a long, like a breath of fresh air.

The movie is based on H.P. Lovecraft’s crazy twist on Frankenstein. Instead of electricity, the mad doctor Herbert West uses a glowing-green serum he’s created to bring the dead back. The re-animated, however,  make Frankenstein look like a softy. They become crazy zombies out for blood.

The movie goes all over the place, but there’s no absence of gore, dead bodies, zombies and morbid humor. It was an instant classic.

I saw this movie at a very young age (my parents trusted that my mind would be warped eventually anyway) and it has always stuck with me. It became one of my horror staples long before I knew what a cult following even meant.

“Re-Animator” 1985

Memorable Quote: “Who’s going to believe a talking head? Get a job in a sideshow.”

Best Scene: A zombie is made, zombie attacks, zombie is killed. Great scene. See it below

Did You Know? The special effects department went through 25 gallons of fake blood during the shoot.

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