No one got eliminated from Amazing Race 20 in episode 4 last night. Last night,CBS aired the 4th episode of Amazing Race season 20,and a last place team got very lucky since it was a non-elimination leg.

It kicked off with the teams heading off to Turin,Italy to get their first clue for this leg of the race. Once they arrived in Turin,they had to drive to Lingotto building to get their next clue. J.J. & Art arrived first,so they got to do the special “Fast Forward” challenge,which enabled them to skip all the rest of the challenges,and go straight to the pit stop.

As for the rest of the teams,it got a bit confusing. The ran into a Road Block,which had some of them repelling 120 feet to get their next clue,while others had to parallel park a ford car correctly to get their clue. Rachel and Brendon started fighting hardcore like they did on Big Brother. They were a hot mess as they threatened to quit the race. Brendon yelled at her when he was trying to park the car,and that caused her to start crying like a little baby.

Despite all the fighting,they continued on ,along with the rest of the teams to complete their detours. They got to choose between either the “Clean Statue,” or “Name Salami” detours. In the “Clean Statue” detour, the teams had to clean a statue until it was in perfect condition to get their next clue.

In the “Name Salami” detour, they had to taste salami. Then go to a different location,and name the salami correctly,based on what they tasted earlier, to get their next clue. After they successfully completed detours,the teams had to head to a place called Piazza Costello,which was the pit stop for this leg of the race.

Rachel from Big Brother started breaking down and crying again during the salami challenge because things didn’t go her way,and the women at the salami stand started laughing at her because she acted like 2 year old. She’s a very strange girl.

Anyways, J.J. & Art easily showed up in first place,and won $5,000 each. Rachel & Dave arrived in 2nd place,Joey & Danny came in 3rd place,Ralph & Vanessa took 4th place. Jamie & Nary arrived in 5th place,Rachel & Brendon arrived in 6th place.

Stacy & Kerri showed up in 7th place,and Bopper & Mark showed up last,but it was a non-elimination leg,so they got to stick around for at least another leg. However,they will have to face a nasty “speed bump” in the next leg,which could slow them up considerably. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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