I’ve been looking forward to seeing “Observe and Report”, Jody Hill‘s latest directorial project, since last summer when one of its stars, Collette Wolfe, mentioned it during an interview for Hill’s other film, “The Foot Fist Way.” Now with just weeks away from its wide release and following its SXSW screeners I’m even more excited to hear lots of positive reviews coming back. From the O&R trailer I’d expect nothing less.

Joe Leydon writes of “Observe and Report” following his SXSW viewing:

“Observe and Report,” writer-director Jody Hill’s shockingly and sometimes discomfortingly funny comedy about an unstable security guard who views himself as vigilant protector – and, occasionally, avenging angel – while patrolling a suburban shopping mall. Taking a setup that could have been played for sitcom jokiness and family-friendly slapstick, Hill attempts something much darker, if not downright transgressive…

With the invaluable aid of [Seth] Rogen, who’s never been better, Hill sustains an impressive degree of tension between seemingly contradictory elements. In fact, time and again throughout “Observe and Report,” it may strike some viewers that, with just a few tweaks of the script, the scenario could have been played straight as a psychological drama in the vein of “Taxi Driver”…

/Film collected up Twitter reviews from SXSW watchers as well. Here are a few of them:

lola0813: OBSERVE & REPORT report: F’ng awesome. Incredibly funny & smart.

MattDentler: Observe And Report may be the craziest studio movie of the year

thekeller: OBSERVE AND REPORT…. the hardest i have laughed since superbad. one of the funniest movies ever

SideOneTrackOne: Quick Review – Observe And Report -Twisted, dark, hilarious, sad, briliant. 2009’s first GREAT flick. 10/10

moviegeeks: Observe and Report was effing brilliant!

Watch this interview of Jody Hill and Seth Rogen on “Observe and Report”:

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Part 2 of the interview:

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Observe & Report reports to theaters on April 10, 2009.

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