Once Upon A Time Season 2 tons of new spoilers revealed by Prince Charming Josh Dallas. Recently, TV Line got a chance to chat it up with “Once Upon A Time,” Prince Charming, star Josh Dallas,and he dropped a ton of new spoiler teasers that we can expect to see,moving forward with season 2.

First,Josh Revealed that Charming and Snow White will definitely face more obstacles as season 2 rolls along,stating, “With all great, epic love stories, there are always obstacles thrown in front of the lovers, all of the time,and particularly with our show.

And I think certainly in the case of Snow and Charming, that will continue to happen throughout the series. But at the moment, now that they’ve gotten back together and they’re both in Storybrooke, there is time to breathe and think about where they are, who they are, what their relationship was and what it can be now, where they belong.”

Next,he revealed that the Charming family will have some intense things to deal with besides evil Cora and Hook. Josh explained, “Of course, there are things happening in Storybrooke that the Charming family has to deal with first. Besides Cora and Hook showing up, we have something else that’s happening that needs the family’s attention. There are things that are going on that prevent them from kind of really taking that time to relax], but they find their way around it and start talking about their future.” Also, Regina will continue to do whatever she can to make little Henry happy.

Captain Hook will get welcomed into Storybooke in a very violent way. Josh explained, “No, it’s shocking. It’s shocking and exciting, and it’s not what you’re expecting for their welcome — particularly for Hook. I’ve tried not to give any of this away, but he gets thrust into the group, as it were, quite violently.”

Hook and Charming may get into it. Josh stated, “Charming doesn’t take kindly to people who are liars and manipulators. He finds that a real weakness in people, and Hook is one nasty character. Of course, they haven’t met yet, properly, but I think there’s going to be some interesting things for sure between the two of them.”

Dr. Whale and Charming will be cool from here on out. Also, Whale will become very useful when it comes to dealing with Hook. Charming may team up with Emma to do some tandem sheriffing. We’re going to see another interesting flashback between Regina, Snow ,and Charming.

They are going to show more detailed backstory on Charming’s life. Josh stated, “there is a lot more to explore with his whole life. He has a twin brother that was never fully realized in the first season. We just saw kind of a glimpse of him, so maybe we’ll see that story with him and King George.”

Lastly,Josh revealed that we’ll learn what Charming’s real name is,and it’s supposed to be surprising and obvious. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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