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Once Upon A Time season 6 bringing back Cinderella character for action,new spoiler. According to TV Line, the Once Upon A Time season 6 crew is bringing back actress, Jessy Schram (left), to reprise her role as Cinderella in episode 3, labeled “The Other Shoe.”

Her storyline will involve her connection with the “Land Of Untold Stories.” They’re also going to look further into how Cinderella and Snow White’s friendship began. Cinderella was last seen on the show as her alter Storybrooke ego, Ashley, in episode 7 of season 4.

Also, as previously reported, we’re going to see Archie Hopper aka Jiminy Cricket, show back up on the scene this season. He’s set to appear in the very first episode back on September 25th, 2016.

In related news, season 6 will feature the evil queen totally separated from her alter ego, Regina, which means the evil queen will be completely without a conscience and ready to cause extreme amounts of trouble for Emma and company.

Meanwhile, Regina will still have her sass about her even though she’s completely separated from her evil queen counterpart. We’ll be seeing a lot of Emma and Regina working together to stop the evil queen, and more. It’s going to be an exciting season. Stay tuned.

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