Once Upon A Time season 6 to bring on the Greek god Of Dreams for action,new spoiler. Recently, TV Line delivered new spoiler intel for the upcoming ABC hit drama, “Once Upon A Time” season 6, and it turns out that we’re going to see Morpheus the Greek god of dreams make his debut in the storyline at some point. We’re also going to see season 6 pick up right where season 5 left off.

This new intel was delivered during another one of their spoiler chat sessions. When asked about the new season 6 timeline and possible new characters, TV Line answered by saying: ” Season 6 will open just moments after Hyde arrived in Storybrooke and ominously greeted Regina.”

“The ABC series is casting for the role of Morpheus, as in the Greek god of dreams. He is described as “an old soul in a young body,” someone who is equally good at reading people as he is at hiding his own agenda.”

As previously reported, we can expect season 6 to make its big premiere on Sunday night, September 25th at 7pm central time on ABC. Stay tuned.

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