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Originals season 4 bringing on a new bisexual lady werewolf for action,new spoiler. According to a recent report from TV Line, the Originals season 4 peeps have hired actress, Christina Moses (left), to show up on “The Originals” upcoming 4th season as a female werewolf, named Keelin. And it turns out that she’s going to be set up to collide with the Mikaelsons at some point!

Keelin is described as being a: “Smart, strong resourceful ER doctor and the last living werewolf of her line. She’s also openly bisexual. After the rest of her family was hunted to extinction, she went into hiding and since then she’s deliberately avoided getting too close to anyone.

She lives in fear of being discovered by the wrong people and has no idea that she’s currently on a collision course with the Mikaelsons.”

Keelin is scheduled to make her appearance early in the 4th season. Christine’s acting resume includes showing up in another CW show that’s scheduled to be canceled: “Containment.” Originals season 4 isn’t scheduled to debut until the midseason. Stay tuned.

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