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Bruce Willis Considering Kane & Lynch Videogame Movie

Bruce Willis
Hollywood just can’t get enough of the videogame adaptations these days. Most are flops (Bloodrayne, Hitman) but some can turn out pretty well (… um, I’m sure there were good ones somewhere). Lionsgate is hoping the addition of Bruce Willis to the cast of “Kane and Lynch” will help shift it into that latter category. If he decides to take it, Willis is take on the role of Kane:

Willis will play Adam “Kane” Marcus, a mercenary who makes an unlikely alliance with a schizophrenic killer named James Lynch. The duo is forced on a mission to retrieve a stolen microchip.

The script, written by Kyle Ward and produced by Adrian Askarieh and Daniel Alter of Hitman, will be directed by Simon Crane. This would be Crane’s directorial debut, should it happen. Crane previously worked as a stunt director for “Hancock,” “Mr. & Mrs. Smith,” “Troy,” and “X-Men: The Last Stand.”

Kane & Lynch sounded like a cool premise, but, like most games these days, I completely missed it. Hopefully the movie will have a little more draw to it.

Source: Variety

Michael Bay Set To Adapt Ouija Board

Ouija boardI hate Michael Bay just as much as I hate the dead, those space consuming do-nothings. So what happens when you mix the two together? You get one pretty agitated guy sitting right here.

As part of Hasbro and Parker Brothers’ big plans for adapting a half dozen board games into movies (yes, you read that correctly) Ouija is up to bat for its big screen debut. One might ask, what kind of movie could you make about a piece of wood that sits on the floor and gets boring after about 30 seconds of arguing, “who is pushing it? Stop pushing it!” Lucky for you I have both answers, or maybe that’s unlucky for you.

Michael Bay’s “Platinum Dunes” movie label is set to adapt everyone’s favorite only game for contacting the dead while David Berenbaum has signed on to write the screenplay. Berenbaum wrote “Elf” which wasn’t bad but wasn’t great either, so that’s not giving me a lot of confidence so far. And the plot?

Although the specific log line for the film is being kept under wraps, the film will be a supernatural adventure with the Ouija board playing an integral part of the story. The movie is not taking a “Jumanji”-like approach, which involved a game coming to life.

I’m wondering if they’ll backtrack on this one and make it exactly like Jumanji. I mean, how else can you really make a movie about a board game?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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