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New The 100 Season 2 Lincoln & Octavia Relationship Spoilers & More Revealed


New The 100 season 2 Lincoln & Octavia relationship spoilers & more revealed. As previously reported, E! Online delivered their latest spoiler chat session and dished out a lot of new spoiler intel for “The 100″ season 2 in regards to the ongoing Lincoln and Octavia relationship.

It turns out that these 2 lovebirds will stay together for a while. Meanwhile, Spencer will find himself a new chick to pal around with. Lincoln will also teach Octavia to speak the Grounders’ language, and more. In their spoiler chat session reveal, they explained: “it looks like Linctavia is here to stay now that Octavia’s on the run with Lincoln. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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New NCIS Los Angeles Season 6 Deeks & Kensi Complicated Love Spoilers Revealed

New NCIS Los Angeles season 6 Deeks & Kensi complicated love spoilers revealed. Recently, E! Online served up a new spoiler chat session and revealed new spoiler dish for the upcoming “NCIS: Los Angeles” season 6 in regards to Kensi and Deeks’ difficult relationship.

It turns out that they’ll still be trying to figure out if their relationship is romantic, friendly or brotherly and sisterly. In their spoiler chat reveal, they said when asked about them: “If the characters had time for Facebook, their statuses would definitely be: It’s Complicated. “There’s a lot of love between these characters, whether they’ve established it as being a romantic love or sexual tension Click Here to Continue Reading »

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Big Brother 16 Voted Off Nicole Franzel In August 14th Show Tonight,New HOHs Revealed

Big Brother 16 voted off Nicole Franzel in August 14th show tonight,new HOHs revealed. Tonight’s live eviction show, started off with footage that went down after the POV ceremony when reigning HOH, Christine, put Nicole on the chopping block as a replacement nominee for POV champ, Zach. From there, Nicole played nice with Christine in an effort to figure out why in the hell was she nominated.

And It turns out that Christine believed some lies from the guys that claimed, Nicole would put her up or something along those lines. Next, they showed Nicole trying to negotiate with Christine to stick around. Nicole also tried to convince Cody that she would never try to put them up and that Donny would. It was a valiant effort I suppose. However, when it was all said and done, her efforts just weren’t good enough to persuade Derrick. And since Derrick is running the show, it was a “no go” for Nicole. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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New Batman V Superman Spoilers Reveal Batman Stealing Kryptonite,Lexcorp Break In & More

New Batman V Superman spoilers reveal Batman stealing kryptonite,Lexcorp break in & more. According to a recent report from and their sources, some new, intriguing spoilers have leaked for the upcoming “Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice” super hero/action movie, via an extra who worked on the set for 10 days.

It turns out that we’re going to see Batman break into Lexcorp to steal some Kryptonite at one point. It’s also revealed that Lexcorp got a hold General Zod’s dead body. Some timeline spoilers are revealed too. Their source was Geek Tyrant and their report reads like this: “According to the extra, the ending of the film has already been filmed. One of the scenes shot featured Batman breaking into Lexcorp to steal kryptonite, and apparently Lexcorp had somehow gotten a hold of General Zod’s body. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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The 100 Season 2 Number Of Episodes Revealed And Why

The 100 season 2 number of episodes revealed and why. According to a new report from Zap2it, The CW president ,Mark Pedowitz, finally revealed how many episodes “The 100″ season 2 will be getting in late July 2014. It turns out that they will only serve up 16 episodes, which is more than season 1, but not a full season.

However, it’s not because they didn’t want to give it a full season. It had more to do with scheduling. Mark stated: “We believe in the storytelling of Season 1 that was only 13 episodes. There will be only 16 for this year so executive producer Jason Rothenberg could do the stories that he needed to do in a very quick fashion to get it out there.” Click Here to Continue Reading »

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Vampire Diaries Season 6 To Reveal Damon & Bonnie’s Location In Episode 2,New Details

Vampire Diaries season 6 to reveal Damon & Bonnie’s location in episode 2,new details. As previously reported, TV Guide served up their newest Mega Buzz, spoiler chat session and dished out very interesting,new spoiler intel for the upcoming “Vampire Diaries” season 6, via executive producer, Julie Plec.

It turns out that we’re going to find out just where in the hell Bonnie and Damon ended up by the end of the 2nd episode. They noted that it’s definitely a foreign place even though the setting will look the same. In their spoiler chat reveal, here’s what they had to say: “When executive producer Julie Plec told us that the mystery of where Bonnie and Damon are would be answered quickly, she wasn’t lying: You’ll definitely know before the end of the second episode. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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NCIS Season 12 Michael Weatherly Talks Possible Ziva Return & More


NCIS season 12 Michael Weatherly talks possible Ziva return & more. As previously reported, TV Guide delivered their newest Mega Buzz, spoiler chat session, and revealed some new, possible NCIS Ziva return intel, via Tony Star Michael Weatherly when they got into talking about Tony’s new love interest for season 12 .

Apparently, one of their readers couldn’t believe that Tony is getting a new love interest. And they responded by saying: “I’m sure there are ‘shippers out there who never want to see Tony with anyone but Ziva, but that ‘ship has sailed. Or has it? While executive producer Gary Glasberg says the door is always open for Cote de Pablo to return, Michael Weatherly sounds even more certain. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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True Blood Season 7 To Kill Off Another Main Character In Episode 9 & More

True Blood season 7 to kill off another main character in episode 9 & more. Recently, TV Guide dished up their newest Mega Buzz, spoiler chat session, and revealed a couple of new “True Blood” season 7 spoiler teasers for the remaining episodes. It turns out that we’re going to see yet another main character bite the dust in the upcoming episode 9 titled, “Love Is To Die.”

Also, an ongoing love triangle will finally come to an end as well as them serving up the strangest sex scene in True Blood history. In their spoiler chat session report, they said: “With only two episodes to go, there are a lot of narrative threads to tie up, including the issue of Bill’s mortality. I will only say this: At least one original cast member will say goodbye for good this week. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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American Horror Story Season 4 Bringing On New Mystery Woman For Action


American Horror Story season 4 bringing on new mystery woman for action. According to new report from TV Line, the American Horror Story season 4 “Freak Show” folks have hired the world smallest woman, Jyoti Amge, to play a role, which currently has no description, so her character is a mystery for now.

They say, she’s actually in the Guiness Book of World Records for being the “world’s smallest woman.” Amge, has a genetic disorder called Achondroplasia, and she’s only 2′ 0.6″ tall. She’s actually 20 years old, but looks like she’s about 3 years old. Showrunner, Ryan Murphy, revealed the new casting on Twitter. As previously reported, season 4 will center on the last freak show in America circa 1952 Click Here to Continue Reading »

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Originals Season 2 Bringing On New Lead Werewolf For Action,New Details


Originals Season 2 bringing on new lead werewolf for action,new details. According to a new report from TV Line, The originals season 2 peeps have hired actor, Colin Woodell, to come on and play a new badass werewolf named Aiden for some recurring action.

Aiden won’t be opposed to teaming up with witches if they can help him take down vampires and keep his family safe. He will reportedly form a few “dangerous alliances” during his time on the show. Aiden is scheduled to make his first appearance in episode 4. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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