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Vampire Diaries Season 4 Bonnie’s Storyline To Explode & More In Ep 22,New Spoilers

Vampire Diaries season 4 Bonnie’s storyline to explode & more in ep 22,new spoilers. Recently,TV line dished out some more Vampire Diaries season 4 scoopage for episode 22, called, “The Walking Dead,” and it turns out that we’re going to see Bonnie’s storyline come full circle as she and the others try to get rid of Silas.

The consequences of that whole thing is also going to seep into the finale episode 23. We’re also going to see a whole slew of familiar faces return to the scene. In their spoiler statement, they said, “Bonnie’s storyline with her immortal menace/mentor is “going to explode in the penultimate episode as our characters race to get Silas out of the picture,” teases executive producer Julie Plec. “The consequences of his plot and what Bonnie has to do to try and stop his plot then live on in the finale.” Click Here to Continue Reading »

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New Superman,Man Of Steel Plot & Space Ship Details Dished Out By Director & More

New Superman,Man Of Steel plot & space ship details dished out by director & more. According to a new report from, Entertainment Weekly ,chatted it up with director Zach Snyder and company to get some more spoiler scoopage for the new “Superman: Man Of Steel” super hero/action flick. It turns out that we’re going to see both Zod and Jor-El’s ships in action in the movie,and they’re both quite weird looking with equally weird names.

To get things going, Zach revealed he’s currently not a 100 percent sure of a Man Of Steel sequel at this point,and more,stating, “I really enjoy the character and I really loved shooting this movie about him, and whatever happens as we go ahead, I’m not exhausted by Superman. I’m knocking on wood. I’m not going to try to say, ‘Yeah, we’re going to make another movie!’ because I don’t want to jinx anything.” Click Here to Continue Reading »

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New Hunger Games 2,Catching Fire Movie Pic Features Katniss,Primrose Bonded Hugging

New Hunger Games 2,Catching Fire movie pic features Katniss,Primrose bonded hugging. Recently,Lionsgate dropped this new ,official movie pic for their upcoming “Catching Fire” action/drama flick,and it looks quite emotional as we see Oscar Award winning actress ,Jennifer Lawrence and actress Willow Shields, caught up in a very bonded hugging moment as characters Katniss and Primrose Everdeen.

Awww, now isn’t that sweet. It will be one of the few nice moments that go down in a sea of plotting and scandalous scenes as corrupt President Snow seeks to make Katniss’ life a living hell,and more. The movie stars: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Lenny Kravitz, Elizabeth Banks, Stanley Tucci, Donald Sutherland, Toby Jones, Woody Harrelson, Jena Malone, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Amanda Plummer, Lynn Cohen, Patrick St. Esprit, Meta Golding, Bruno Gunn, Alan Ritchson, E. Roger Mitchell, Maria Howell, Stephanie Leigh Schlund, and Sam Claflin. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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New Good Wife Season 4,Finale Episode 22 Official Spoilers,Synopsis Released By CBS

New Good Wife season 4,finale episode 22 official spoilers,synopsis released by CBS. Recently,CBS released the new,official,synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming “The Good Wife” finale episode 22 of season 4, and is sounds pretty interesting as Alicia and company get involved in a series vote tampering court cases,and more. The episode is called, “What’s In The Box?”

In the new episode 22 press release, ” On the night of Peter’s gubernatorial election, Alicia, Will ,and Diane will race to a series of emergency court proceedings when Zach believes he’s witnessed vote tampering. Meanwhile, an unlikely source will offer Cary aid to start his own firm. The conflicted feelings Alicia has in her personal and professional lives is going to come to a head. Also, Martha Plimpton, T.R. Knight, Denis O’Hare, Dylan Baker, Ana Gasteyer ,and Estelle Parsons will guest star, and New York City Mayor ,Michael Bloomberg, will appear as himself. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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New Good Wife Season 4,Episode 21 Second Spoiler Clip Released

New Good Wife season 4,episode 21 second spoiler clip released. Recently, CBS released this new,2nd ,sneak peek/spoiler clip (below) for their upcoming “The Good Wife” episode 21 of season 4,and it looks pretty interesting as Alicia is ordered to hear out the assistants’ demands,and more. The episode is called, “A More Perfect Union.”

In the new clip, Will,Diane,and company gripe at Alicia about the assistants, claiming they need to be fired,because it’s costing them money. Alicia tries to tell them,they don’t have enough votes to unionize. However, that’s not good enough. Then Alicia makes another attempt to ease their grumpiness by suggesting they take paycuts,which is definitely out of the question. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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Glee Season 4 Blaine To Propose Marriage To Kurt In Finale Episode 22,New Spoilers

Glee season 4 Blaine to propose marriage to Kurt in finale episode 22,new spoilers. Recently, TV Line dropped another spoiler bomb for the upcoming “Glee” finale episode 22 of season 4 titled, “All Or Nothing,” and it turns out that we can expect to see Blaine propose to Kurt, along with some pending graduations being delayed until season 5. Also, an older lesbian couple will make an appearance.

In their spoiler statement, they said, “Ryan Murphy & Co. have been cryptic about their plans, but all signs point to the finale, titled “All or Nothing,” culminating with New Directions’ performance at Regionals, allowing the writers to finish out the school year and delay any pending graduations (Brittany, Artie, Tina, Blaine) until Season 5 (if they so choose). Click Here to Continue Reading »

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Glee Season 4 Bringing On New Very Powerful Singer & More In Episode 21,New Spoilers

Glee Season 4 bringing on new very powerful singer & more in episode 21,new spoilers. Recently, TV Line dished out some new scoopage about what’s going to go down in the upcoming “Glee” episode 21 of season 4, titled, “Wonder-Ful,” and it sounds quite interesting as we are finally going to get to see the very first appearance of American Idol 2012 runner-up Jessica Sanchez!

She’s going to play a very powerful singer, named Frida Romero,who’s on a New Directions’ rival team called the Hoosier Daddies out of Indianapolis. Here’s what they had to say in their spoiler statement, ” With Regionals on the horizon, American Idol runner-up Jessica Sanchez makes her debut as Frida Romero, powerhouse vocalist for New Directions’ Indianapolis-based rival, Hoosier Daddies. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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New 90210 Season 5,Episode 21 Official Spoilers,Synopsis Released By CW

New 90210 season 5,episode 21 official spoilers,synopsis released by CW. Recently,CW released the new,official,synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming “90210″ episode 21 of season 5, and it sounds pretty wild as Adrianna’s big concert with Fall Out Boy, ends in chaos,and more. The episode is called, “Scandal Royale.”

In the new episode 21 press release,Jordan’s (guest star Robbie Jones) sister Elizabeth (guest star Keke Palmer) is going to get into trouble with an out-of-control Royal, so Naomi will help out by taking the heat to protect Elizabeth’s reputation. Silver will get called in to see her doctor about some test results. Annie will decide to get over Liam by going to Paris for a book tour. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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New Revenge Season 2,Finale Episode Shocking Spoiler Teasers Revealed

New Revenge season 2,finale episode shocking spoiler teasers revealed. Recently, Spoiler TV dished out a couple,new spoiler teasers for the upcoming ABC “Revenge” finale episodes 21 and 22 of season 2. The episodes are titled Truth part 1 and Truth part 2,and will be combined for a huge 2 hour finale show.

The spoilers we have are quite shocking,but very vague. So, you won’t find out who’s gonna get whacked, but you will know that somebody is definitely going to get whacked. We’re also going to see a huge catastrophe go down that will change everyone’s freaking lives!

So,here’s what they had to say. In Truth part 1, “A catastrophic moment changes everyone’s lives.” Click Here to Continue Reading »

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New Games Of Thrones Season 3,Episode 6 Official Spoilers,Synopsis Released By HBO

New Games Of Thrones season 3,episode 6 official spoilers,synopsis released by HBO. Recently,HBO dropped the new,official,synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming “Game Of Thrones” episode 6 of season 3,and it sounds pretty interesting as Jon,Ygritte,and company will face a very daunting climb,and more. The episode is called, “The Climb.”

In the new episode 6 press release, Tywin is going to plan strategic unions for the Lannisters. Melisandre is going to pay a visit to the Riverlands. Robb will weigh a compromise to repair his alliance with House Frey. Roose Bolton is going to decide what to do with Jaime Lannister. Jon, Ygritte ,and the Wildlings are going to face a daunting climb. Episode 6 was written by David Benioff & D. B. Weiss, and it was directed by Alik Sakharov. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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