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Robert Pattinson,Kristen Stewart Still On The Outs Despite Recent Holding Hands Rumor

Robert Pattinson,Kristen Stewart still on the outs despite recent holding hands rumor. According to a new report from Hollywood Life and their sources, former Twilight Saga main stars, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are still currently on the outs,because a recent report of them holding hands again back on June 13th in Echo Park in L.A., was proven to be false. At the time,it gave Twilight fans everywhere, a reason to hope again,but at last, that was not the case.

Their source revealed that Kristen was actually in a completely different location than Rob that day as she had a meeting in Beverly Hills,CA, which was actually about an hour drive from Echo Park, while Rob was reportedly busy ,doing press work a new Dior campaign. The source went on to explain that “Kristen would love to be reunited with Rob, but the fact is she is busy with her upcoming movie and as far as Rob is concerned, he’s doing his own thing. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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New Transformers 4 First Set Clip Released With Intense Car Driving Action And More

New Transformers 4 first set clip released with intense car driving action and more. As previously reported, the new Transformers 4 flick is currently taking place over in the small town of Taylor,Texas. Filming kicked off this past Wednesday, June 12th,and we even saw main star, Mark Wahlberg, on the set for the first time. Now, this new set clip (below) was recently released from the Taylor,Texas set,and things are looking pretty lively out there as a ton of car driving scenes were shot that day. Check it out,below

The movie is actually filming in a couple different locations. About a week and a half a go, we saw new set photos from the Utah/Arizona set. It’s also reported that filming will be heading back to Chicago at some point. The movie stars: Mark Wahlberg, Jack Reynor, Nicola Peltz, Stanley Tucci, Kelsey Grammer, Sophia Myles, Li Bingbing, and T.J. Miller . Click Here to Continue Reading »

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New Superman,Man Of Steel 2 Most Likely Featuring Lex Luthor And More,New Spoiler

New Superman,Man Of Steel 2 most likely featuring Lex Luthor and more,new spoiler. According to a new report from, “Superman: Man Of Steel” screenwriter, David S. Goyer , has already served up some possible spoiler teasers that we can expect see in the upcoming sequel flick. It turns out that they are talking about featuring Lex Luthor as the main villain,and he also mentioned that they may have to alter the Clark disguise a bit.

To start it all off, David talked about pondering the Lex storyline. He explained, “There is musing about Lex Luther, conversations that Zack and I have had on set, but it all depends on what happens over the next month. There are obviously those Lexcorp easter eggs in the film and clearly you can see from that, to the extent to which we can intuit things about Lex, it’s not the Gene Hackman version. This is a Bill Gates-like Lex that is probably worth 50, 60, 70 billion dollars. It’s a very different Lex.” Click Here to Continue Reading »

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Teen Wolf Season 3 Allison & Isaac To Get Very Intense With Each Other & More In Episode 4

Teen Wolf season 3 Allison & Isaac to get very intense with each other & more In episode 4. Recently, Entertainment Weekly served up their new spoiler room,spoiler chat session,and delivered some new spoilerage on Teen Wolf season 3. It turns out that in the 4th episode,titled, “Unleashed,” Allison and werewolf Isaac are going to get real intense with each other in a closet.

It’s currently unclear how they’re referring to this intensity,but just be on the lookout for that. We’re also going to eventually get some back story on how these Alpha wolves got to be so powerful,and it’s going to be very disturbing. In their spoilery reveal, they stated, “Sooner rather than later, we’re going to get a little more backstory on exactly how the Alpha pack got to be so powerful (and it’s quite disturbing!). Click Here to Continue Reading »

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Sons Of Anarchy Season 6 Jax & Tara To Get Quite Turbulent & More,New Spoiler

Sons Of Anarchy season 6 Jax & Tara to get quite turbulent & more,new spoiler. Recently, TV Line dropped a new spoiler chat session,and revealed a new tidbit spoiler for the upcoming “Sons Of Anarchy” season 6. It turns out that we’re going to see Jax and Tara, face a little turbulence in their relationship as Jax has resided to the fact that he’s never getting out of the business,and more.

In their spoilery statement, they said, “I give you series star Charlie Hunnam promising “a tumultuous time” ahead for Jax and Tara, especially now that Jax has abandoned the idea of ever “getting out.” “I think at this point he realizes that he’s in it for life,” Hunnam says. “Last season was a real process of him embracing that and throwing himself into it with both feet, to cement the fact that he’s a lifer.” Click Here to Continue Reading »

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New Walking Dead Season 4,Episode 6 Short Spoiler Teasers & Title Revealed

New Walking Dead season 4,episode 6 short spoiler teasers & title revealed. Recently, Spoiler TV dropped some new,spoilery details for the upcoming AMC hit show, “The Walking Dead” season 4,episode 6,via some casting call intel. It turns out that we’re going to see a new single mother/nurse, named Laura, arrive on the scene,along with another girl,named Melody, who’s described as being tough and funny.

These two roles are recurring. Then we have a guest star role for a character named Don. Don is between 50 to 70 years old,and is described as being grumpy sometimes,and also has a granddaughter. Also, the title for episode 6 is simply called, “Rise.” In their new spoilery statement, they said, “Episode 4.06 of The Walking Dead is called “Rise.” There are 2 recurring roles currently being cast: a single mother and former nurse named Laura and a tough and funny woman named Melody. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Giving Jo,Shane,Stephanie,& Lea More Screentime As Regulars

Grey’s Anatomy season 10 giving Jo, Shane, Stephanie,& Lea more screentime as regulars. According to a new report from TV Line, the Grey’s Anatomy season 10 peeps have made a major casting decision by making the new interns Jo (Camilla Luddington), Shane (Gaius Charles), Stephanie (Jerrika Hinton),and Lea (Tessa Ferrer) regular fixtures on the show.

They left actress Tina Majorino aka Heather Brooks out of the season regular mix,because she’s scheduled to be in TNT’s new drama, “Legends.” She’s also going to be reprising her Cindy ‘Mac’ Mackenzie role in the new Veronica Mars movie that’s being made. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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Scandal Season 3 Jake Ballard To See More Screentime As New Regular,New Spoiler

Scandal season 3 Jake Ballard to see more screentime as new regular,new spoiler. According to a new report from Spoiler TV , TV Fanatic recently,hit up Twitter to reveal that the Season 3 “Scandal” peeps have decided to make character ,Jake Ballard, a regular fixture on the show,so get ready to see a lot more of him next season.

Jake is played by actor ,Scott Foley,so congrats to him and his new payday,lol! In addition to that breaking news, it was also previously reported that character, David Rosen, will be unhappy with the way Olivia and her team handle things, even though it does work. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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Arrow Season 2 Bringing On New Powerful Girl To Cause Oliver Major Problems And More

Arrow season 2 bringing on new powerful girl to cause Oliver major problems and more. According to a new report from Spoiler TV, the Arrow season 2 peeps are currently busy casting for season 2,and have decided to bring on a new,mysterious chick, named Lisa, to cause some major problems for Oliver. Oh, and get this. She’s supposed to be equal to Oliver in every way. Additionally,she’s also going to be a regular,so she’ll be sticking around for a while.

In their spoiler statement, they said, “Arrow is currently casting for a new major recurring character/possible series regular for Season 2. Here name is Lisa and is described as a mysterious woman with a tragic past. She will wreak havoc on Oliver’s heart and is equal to Oliver in every way.” Click Here to Continue Reading »

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Vampire Diaries Season 5 Jeremy To Face Huge Resurrection Obstacles,New Spoiler

Vampire Diaries season 5 Jeremy to face huge resurrection obstacles,new spoiler. Recently, Vampire Diaries Executive Producer, Julie Plec, served up some new,season 5 spoiler teasers to Hollywood Life. In this particular one,she revealed that ole Jeremy is definitely going to face some major hurdles when it comes to his whole resurrection thing. Mostly because he’s going to have to explain to folks at school, why he’s no longer dead,and more.

In their spoilery statement, here’s what they had to say, “Fans were thrilled when Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) returned to the land of the living on the fourth season finale, but don’t expect his return to be a smooth one. Julie said there will be plenty of new obstacles as the hunter-turned-ghost-turned-human heads back to school. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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