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New Iron Man 3 Clip Features New,Up Close Live View Of The Iron Man Suit In Action


New Iron Man 3 clip features new,up close live view of the Iron Man suit in action. Recently, Wired Magazine,hit up the big 2012 Comic-Con International event,and got a chance to get up on the main stage where the official Iron Man suit was being displayed ,and it looked pretty cool (video below).

In the new clip, the reporter and camera team were able to deliver a panoramic view of the entire Iron Man 3 set/display which gave us the same view of all the Iron Man suits as they are shown in the movie. It showed all the suits from the past to the present one. Check it out,below.

As for the movie,it stars: Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, Jon Favreau, Ben Kingsley, Guy Pearce, James Badge Dale, and Ashley Hamilton. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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Robert Pattinson Allegedly Fought His Sister Again Over Taking Kristen Stewart Back

Robert Pattinson allegedly fought his sister again over taking Kristen Stewart back. According to this new Splash News video report (below),it sounds like Robert Pattinson’s sister ,Lizzy Pattinson might not ever forgive Kristen Stewart no matter how hard she tries to make up for her past mistakes. They’re claiming that Rob got into a huge fight with Lizzy over the Christmas holiday in London for taking Kristen back. Lizzy really doesn’t like her and called her a “cheat.” They also claim that Lizzy has never liked the way Kristen treats Rob,so that sounds majorly intense.

The report went on to claim, that the real reason Rob and Kristen didn’t spend Christmas together this year, is because she is afraid to face his angry family again. Check it out,below. On the other hand, Kristen was spotted hanging out with Rob in London this past weekend,and they reportedly rung in the New Year 2013 together. Stay tuned. Click Here to Continue Reading »


Vampire Diaries Season 4 Spoiler: Rebekah Vamp Gets Everybody Trapped In Ep 10 & More


Rebekah vamp gets everybody trapped in ep 10 & more in this new Vampire Diaries season 4 spoiler tease. As previously reported, Vampire Diaries executive producer Julie Plec,chatted it up with TV Line to deliver a slew of new spoiler teasers for season 4. It turns out that crazy Originals vampire Rebekah will be quite interested in what’s going on in Mystic Falls when she awakes from her long slumber after getting staked for like only God knows how many times,now, and she’s going to have something to do with the crew getting trapped in a Breakfast Club ,detention style setting.

Julie stated, “It has a lot to do with what Rebekah’s up to. She’s been gone for quite some time. She’s missed a lot. So [in] her efforts to try to get information out of everybody. She gets caught up on the goings-on in Mystic Falls in her absence, including that Stefan and Elena are broken up, Click Here to Continue Reading »

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Vampire Diaries Season 4 Damon To Train Jeremy To Vampire Hunt & More,New Spoiler


Vampire Diaries season 4 Damon to train Jeremy to vampire hunt & more,new spoiler. As previously reported, Vampire Diaries executive producer Julie Plec,served up a couple,new season 4 spoiler teasers to TV Line. This one,in particular, has to do with an unlikely partnership that will go down between Jeremy and Damon. It turns out that Damon is going to actually train Jeremy to become a vicious vampire hunting machine when the show returns from it’s winter break.

Julie explained,Jeremy’s “Going to be a hardcore, lean and mean vampire-fighting machine over the next couple episodes,but with an unlikely coach in the form of Damon Salvatore. So there’s some fun to be had there and a lot of danger for both of them. They’re definitely going to have to figure out how to get that mark to grow. Damon’s not going to just unleash Jeremy into the vampire den until he feels like he’s properly trained and ready.” Click Here to Continue Reading »

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New ‘Once Upon A Time’ Season 2,Episode 12 Official Spoilers,Synopsis Released

New ‘Once Upon A Time’ season 2,episode 12 official spoilers,synopsis released. Recently, ABC dropped another press release for their upcoming “Once Upon A Time” episode 12 of season 2,and it sounds very interesting as evil Cora will try to visit Regina in Storybrooke,and more. The episode is called, “In the Name of the Brother.”

In the new episode 12, Dr. Whale will get tasked with mending Hook’s wounds and performing surgery on the stranger whose car crashed upon entering Storybrooke. However, some of the townspeople are going to fear that the stranger may have seen magic, which could expose their true identities to the world ,and think that leaving him to die, would be the best solution.

Meanwhile, Mr. Gold will try to reunite with a despondent Belle, Click Here to Continue Reading »

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Jennifer Aniston Spotted Getting Felt Up By Her Man Justin Theroux In Mexico Other Day

Jennifer Aniston spotted getting felt up by her man Justin Theroux in Mexico other day. As previously reported,bigtime movie starlet Jennifer Aniston had a warm Christmas this year down in sunny Cabo San Lucas,Mexico,and the other day,December 27th,she was spotted totally getting a butt-grab, feel up by her main man Justin Theroux while they were hanging out down there. Jen was spotting in her sexy bikini ensemble while Justin sported black shorts.

According to sources,they’re expected to stay down there through New Years 2013,so they’re just having a good ole time. They were also seen lounging on their deck chairs, reading paperbacks and snacking on delicious fruit snacks. Also, Jen shot down these recent pregnancy rumors by flaunting off her still gorgeous bod down there. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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Once Upon A Time Season 2 Spoiler: Aurora’s Prince Phillip Returning Soon & More

Aurora’s Prince Phillip returning soon & more in this new “Once Upon A Time” season 2 spoiler tease. Recently, Spoiler TV,dropped a new,interesting spoiler teaser for “Once Upon A Time” season 2,via Adam Horowitz Twitter page. He revealed the news,tweeting, “Yes, Prince Philip as brilliantly portrayed by @Ju1ianMorris will return… And soonish. #OnceUponATime #holidayspoilers.”

Prince Phillip was spotted in the very first episode of season 3,and doesn’t have a Storybrooke counterpart character. He’s based on the Prince that appeared in the “Sleeping Beauty” fairytale ,so he’ll probably have some business to take care of with Aurora. However, with the way this show plays out,he’ll most-likely get thrown into other drama as well. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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Robert Pattinson,Kristen Stewart Spotted Subway Hangin In London Other Day

Robert Pattinson,Kristen Stewart spotted subway hangin in London other day. According to a new report from Hollywood Life and their sources, Twilight Saga mega couple Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were spotted,reunited once again in London at the Victoria Subway on December 29th,and it’s reported that they will ring in the New Year 2013 together again at the Isle Of Wight.

So,it turns out that they’ve made it through one crazy,turmoil-filled year still intact. They decided to spend Christmas apart with their own families. Kristen was spotted,heading over to London on December 27th. A couple of Twitter fans spotted the two love birds out on the subway. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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Kristen Stewart Totally Defeated By Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev For Hottest Vampire Chick 2012

Kristen Stewart totally defeated by Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev for Hottest Vampire Chick 2012. Recently, Hollywood Life threw another contest called the “Hottest Female Vampires of 2012,” and it looks like Twilight Saga main hottie Kristen Stewart ran out of steam,once again,to the mega hot Vampire Diaries main chick Nina Dobrev. Nina’s Elena & Katherine characters were just too much for K-Stew’s Bella as they got totally overtaken by 8 percentage points this time.

Nina took 40 percent of their readers’ votes,while K-Stew came in 2nd place with only 32 percent of the votes. Oh,and there were other competitor characters too. They included: Pam De Beaufort from True Blood,Caroline Forbes of Vampire Diaries, Alice Cullen of Twilight Saga, Jessica Hamby of True Blood, Rosalie Hale of Twilight Saga, Tara Thornton of True Blood, Rebekah Mikaelson of Vampire Diaries, Nora Gainesborough of True Blood,and Salome Agrippa of True Blood. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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Robert Pattinson Defeated Vampire Diaries Ian Somerhalder For Hottest Vampire 2012

Robert Pattinson defeated Vampire Diaries Ian Somerhalder for Hottest Vampire 2012. As previously reported, Hollywood Life threw a new “Hottest Male Vampires Of 2012″ contest,and the results are in. It turns out that Twilight Saga main man Robert Pattinson’s Edward Cullen is still the one to beat as he defeated his main competition Vampire Diaries front man Ian Somerhalder’s Damon Salvatore in convincing fashion.

Rob got a whopping 59 percent of their readers’ votes,while Ian only pulled in 30 percent of the votes,but that did give him a 2nd place finish. Rob also beat out the rest of the competition,which included: Stephen Moyer of True Blood, Paul Wesley of Vampire Diaries,Kellan Lutz of Twilight Saga,Alexander Skarsgard of True Blood, Joseph Morgan of Vampire Diaries,Jackson Rathbone of Twilight Saga, Daniel Gillies of Vampire Diaries,and Matthew Davis of Vampire Diaries. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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