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Kristen Stewart Steamy Sex Scenes Reportedly Made Her OTR Costar Quite Uncomfortable

Kristen Stewart steamy sex scenes reportedly made her OTR costar quite uncomfortable. According to Hollywood Life, Kristen Stewart’s “On The Road” indie flick,co-star, Sam Riley recently chatted it up with prestigious ELLE magazine and revealed to them that he wasn’t really feeling the sex scenes he had to shoot with the Twilight Saga hottie. In fact, he found them to be quite uncomfortable ,and just wanted to rush right through,claiming it was mostly because of her very young age of 19 years old at the time.

Sam Stated, “You achieve a comfort level by pretending. We both have partners, and we were friendly. I’m not actually comfortable doing that sort of thing because I was feeling guilty because she was like, 19, and I was 30. I’m actually more comfortable doing psychotic things than sex scenes. Really, you just hope you get it done as quickly as possible.” Click Here to Continue Reading »

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Robert Pattinson Spotted Allegedly Sporting Kristen Stewart’s Jacket In NYC Other Night

Robert Pattinson spotted allegedly sporting Kristen Stewart’s jacket in NYC other night. This past Saturday Night, December 22nd, Twilight Saga main man Robert Pattinson was spotted out and about at JFK airport in New York City,New York to catch an outbound flight after filming some new commercial spots out there.

It’s being reported that Rob may have been sporting a jacket that belongs to his main squeeze ,Kristen Stewart, as it has these floral patterns on the inside,which seem a little,well, girly. Also , a fan named @RobertsCaramel ,tweeted, “Apparently the Adidas jacket that Rob wore at JFK is only available in Japan and Rob hasn’t been there recently, but guess what? Kristen has.” In any case,there’s no real confirmation that it was K-Stew’s jacket,but there was some Twitter chatter about it. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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Sons Of Anarchy Season 6 Spoilers: More Gemma,Nero Action Possibly Coming & More

More Gemma,Nero action possibly coming & more in this new Sons Of Anarchy season 6 spoiler tease. Recently, Michael Ausiello over at TV Line ,revealed a new “Sons Of Anarchy” season 6 spoiler teaser that involves us seeing more Gemma/Nero dynamic ,possibly going down if they can get Nero actor Jimmy Smits ,signed back on,and more.

Producer Kurt Sutter, told them, “Nothing would make me happier than to bring him back, but he’s a busy guy. We’ll probably get into that soon with Jimmy. I dig them. In the finale, when he’s all twisted up about being back in the life, that’s the thing that makes Gemma the most comfortable. She knows what to do with those kinds of men; she knows how to be strong for those kinds of men. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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New ‘Once Upon A Time’ Season 2,Episode 10 Official Spoilers,Synopsis Released

New ‘Once Upon A Time’ season 2,episode 10 official spoilers,synopsis released. Recently, ABC dropped a new press release that reveals the official synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming “Once Upon A Time” episode 10 of season 2,and it sounds pretty interesting as Emma will seemingly jump to Regina’s defense,and more. The episode is called, “The Cricket Game.”

In the new episode 10, Regina is going to get accused of murdering one of the town’s most beloved fairytale characters. Emma will end up being the only one that senses Regina may be innocent. Meanwhile, back in the fairytale land that was, Snow White and Prince Charming will capture the Evil Queen, and set about planning her public execution in order to rid the land of her murderous tyranny. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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New ‘This Is 40′ Movie Got Mixed Reviews From Top Critics

New ‘This Is 40′ movie got mixed reviews from top critics. Universal Pictures released their new,very funny comedy flick “This Is 40″ into theaters this weekend,and it looks like the top critics in the business just thought it was ok across the board as it got generally mixed reviews with a 58 score out of a 100, according to Metacritic. I personally saw it and thought it was absolutely hilarious. It was a total riot throughout,but lets see what some of the top critics had to say.

Entertainment Weekly gave it a 91 score out of 100,stating, ” This Is 40 isn’t always hilarious, but it’s ticklishly honest and droll about all the things being a parent can do to a relationship. And why it’s still worth it.”

Variety gave it an 80 out of 100,stating, “Judd Apatow’s instincts have rarely been sharper, wiser or more relatable than in This Is 40, an acutely perceptive, emotionally generous laffer about the joys and frustrations of marriage and middle age.”

Rolling Stone gave it a 75 out of 100,stating, “That’s what makes This Is 40 so potently, painfully funny, even when it’s gross. What other film would dare suggest rectal monitoring as a form of closeness?” Click Here to Continue Reading »

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Vampire Diaries Season 4 Spoiler: Damon Has Showdown With New Vampire Hunter & More

Damon has showdown with new vampire hunter & more in this new Vampire Diaries season 4 spoiler tease. Recently, Kristin over at E! Online ,dropped yet another spoiler chat session with her obsessive fans,and they squeezed another,interesting Vampire Diaries season 4 spoiler tease out of her,concerning a new Vampire Hunter that will make his way into town,named Vaughn,and he’ll be played by Twilight Saga alum Charlie Bewley.

Apparently, this Vaughn character is just as good and crazy as Connor was,so he’s going to bring some major trouble for the Mystic Falls gang. Particularly,He and Damon are going to have some sort of a run-in/showdown,so that should be quite interesting.

Kristin stated, “Bewley will debut as Vaughn in the CW series’ 13th episode and let’s just say he’s got his sights set on the Salvatore brothers. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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True Blood Season 6 Revealed New Vampire Enemy Arriving & More,New Spoilers

arliss howard image
True Blood season 6 revealed new vampire enemy arriving & more,new spoilers. Recently, TV Line dropped a new True Blood season 6 spoiler teaser,revealing that a new Governor is coming to town,and he hates the hell out of vampires. Now,they got a face to go with that character,and its actor Arliss Howard. The character’s name is Louisiana Governor ,Truman Burrell,and he’s going to be a new regular on the show.

He is officially described as being a good ol’ boy politician who has a major beef with vampires ever since his wife ran off with one, leaving him as a single father to their only daughter. Politically savvy and perhaps overly ambitious, Truman tends to let his personal aspirations overshadow his humanity. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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Vampire Diaries Season 4 Klaus To Play Everyone Like Puppets,New Spoilers

Vampire Diaries season 4 Klaus to play everyone like puppets,new spoilers. Recently, TV Guide,chatted it up with Vampire Diaries,Klaus star Joseph Morgan,and he dropped some new spoiler teasers that we can expect to see from Klaus when season 4 returns from its winter break. Apparently, Joseph isn’t too worried about losing his job as he thinks Klaus is going to just keep playing the gang against each other,thus taking the focus off himself.

He told them, “In the episodes to come after break, there’s a certain amount of him sitting with his feet up, looking at the carnage as it unfolds before him. He’s pulling the puppet strings and then letting them go to see what happens.”

After that, Joseph continued to explain, “Our heroes are at odds with each other. If they could unite themselves like they did at the end of Season 3, Click Here to Continue Reading »

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Sons Of Anarchy Season 6 Gemma Might Get Back In Charge & More,New Spoilers

Sons Of Anarchy season 6 Gemma might get back in charge & more,new spoilers. Recently, TV Guide,dished out a new “Sons Of Anarchy” season 6 spoiler tease during their regular Mega Buzz session,and it sounds like we could see Gemma get back to her old ways and start taking charge again,and more.

In their statement during the session, they said, “That’s certainly part of creator Kurt Sutter’s intention. While he won’t say for sure that Gemma is the one who gave the cops the intel they needed to arrest Tara, he does believe that next season will see a return to form for the former queen.

“Women like Gemma, they are cockroaches,” Sutter says. “They can take a lot of hits, and they always find a way to come back and crawl Click Here to Continue Reading »

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New Vampire Diaries Season 4,Episode 10 Official Spoilers,Synopsis Released

New Vampire Diaries season 4,episode 10 official spoilers,synopsis released. Recently, CW dropped the brand new,official set of spoilers/synopsis for their upcoming “Vampire Diaries” episode 10 of season 4 ,and it sounds pretty wild as Elena has a major secret to share,Rebekah is back,looking for answers,and more. The episode is called, “After School Special.”

In the new episode 10, Rebekah will be back with a vengeance and appear unexpectedly at Mystic Falls High to force Stefan, Elena, and Caroline to answer her questions about the search for a cure, leading to a bombshell piece of information from Elena. Bonnie’s father, Rudy Owens (guest star Rick Worthy), will accept the role of Interim Mayor, and makes it a priority to protect Bonnie, and she won’t be happy about it. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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