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New Vampire Diaries Spin Off ‘Originals’ Major Spoilers Getting Dished In July 2013

New Vampire Diaries spin off ‘Originals’ major spoilers getting dished in July 2013. Hey fellow Vampire Diaries and Originals fans. Check it out. Next month is going to be huge for spoiler reveals as the cast of Vampire Diaries new spin off show, “The Originals,” will already be attending the big Comic-Con event next month to drop major spoilers on their first season.

This is pretty huge,considering they haven’t technically even aired a season yet,but they have so much pull from being a Vampire Diaries spin off show, that it was enough to get them in the doors. They are scheduled to show up at Comic-Con on July 20th, which just so happens to be the same day the Vampire Diaries crew will be showing up. The Originals panel will include stars: Joseph Morgan, Claire Holt, Phoebe Tonkin ,and Charles Michael Davis , along with Executive Producer Julie Plec, who also executive produces Vampire Diaries. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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New ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Season 9 Major Spoilers Getting Revealed In July 2013

New ‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 9 major spoilers getting revealed in July 2013. Hey, “How I Met Your Mother” fans. We’ve got some great news for you guys. It turns out that the cast will be showing up at the big Comic-Con event that’s scheduled to go down next month. And they will,of course,be dishing some major spoiler scoopage while there.

The HIMYM panel are scheduled to show up on July 20th, and will include main stars: Josh Radnor, Cobie Smulders, Neil Patrick Harris, Jason Sagal ,and Alyson Hannigan, along with Executive Producers Carter Bays, Craig Thomas ,and Pamela Fryman.

As previously reported, season 9 will be bringing on actress, Cristin Milioti, Click Here to Continue Reading »

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New Vampire Diaries Spin Off ‘Originals’ To Be More Darker,Feature More Magic & Battles

New Vampire Diaries spin off ‘Originals’ to be more darker,feature more magic & battles. Recently, the folks over at TV Rage, recently chatted it up with Elijah star, Daniel Gillies,and he dropped some new spoilerage for Vampire Diaries new spin off show, “The Originals.” It turns out that it’s going to be much darker and adult than Vampire Diaries. And will also serve up more magic and fighting action.

Daniel also revealed that the show is also going to involve a lot of family stuff,stating, “I think it’s going to be a lot more about family, the writing always returns to family. The bonds and, dare I say it, sometimes the manacles of family. I think that it’s going to be a little darker. I think it’s going to be a little bit more adult.” Click Here to Continue Reading »

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Criminal Minds Season 9 To Feature An Abduction,Torture & Murder Psycho In Episode 1

Criminal Minds season 9 to feature an abduction,torture & murder psycho in episode 1. Recently, TV Line dished up some new,rare,spoiler scoopage for “Criminal Minds” new season 9, and it turns out that the hunt will definitely be on for a new serial killer that’s on the loose,committing abduction,torture,and murder in the very first episode! There will also be a new police sergeant lady that’s brought on to hunt this bastard down.

In their spoiler statement, they explained, “In “The Inspiration,” the kickoff to the two-part season opener, our heroes chase down a serial killer whose obsession with his ex results in abduction, torture and murder. Even worse, his day-to-day involves not only the worst mother this side of Norma Bates, but snakes and/or praying mantises (praying mantii?). Click Here to Continue Reading »

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New Dexter Season 8 Hannah Returns And Masuka Spoiler Teasers Revealed

New Dexter season 8 Hannah returns and Masuka spoiler teasers revealed. As previously reported, Michael Ausiello over at TV Line just served up a new spoiler chat session,and revealed some new Dexter season 8 scoopage. It turns out that we’re going to see the return of Hannah,though no details could be revealed. Then Masuka is going to get a visit from his past,giving us a new side of Masuka.

In his spoiler statement ,Ausiello said, “viewers will see a whole new side of Masuka. “He gets visited by his past,” previews his portrayer, C.S. Lee. “It’s a very interesting premise.” Elsewhere, TVLine’s Megan Masters ran into Yvonne Strahovski at last week’s Dexter premiere and lightly grilled her about Hannah’s mysterious return. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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How Met Your Mother Season 9 Bringing On New Chick To Cause Problems For Marshall

How Met Your Mother season 9 bringing on new chick to cause problems for Marshall. Recently, TV Line dropped their new spoiler chat session for June 25th, and a new “How I Met Your Mother” season 9, spoiler was thrown into the mix. It turns out that we’re going to see a new girl, named Camille,arrive on the scene,and she apparently has close ties to Marshall.

The two of them will end up, getting into a major tiff that gets them thrown off a plane! So, that sounds pretty intense to say the least. In their spoiler statement, here’s what they had to say, “rumor has it the ninth and final season premiere is tellingly titled “The Locket,” and will introduce a potentially new female character with ties to Marshall! Camille, described as an African-American or Latina female in her 30s or 40s, is seated next to Lily’s other half on a flight from Minnesota to NYC. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev Spotted Rockin Her Sexy Bikini Again At The Beach Other Day

Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev spotted rockin her sexy bikini again at the beach other day. Ok,so main Vampire Diaries starlet, Nina Dobrev, recently,hit up her official Tumblr blog the other day to reveal, she is still heavily enjoying her downtime as she hit up the beach with a couple of friends ,and showed off her smokin bikini bod as she happily posed and smiled.

She didn’t mention where this beach this is located, but it looked gorgeous out there,where ever she was. She captioned the photo with the following statement: “#beachtime!! Fun in the sun with A-squared; Alex & Ash @fourseasons!” Additionally, Nina is also filming a new comedy flick, called, “Lets Be Cops” with funny man ,Damon Wayans Jr. She’ll be playing Wayans Jr.’s love interest in it. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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New Supernatural Season 9 Premiere Date Finally Served Up By The CW

New Supernatural season 9 premiere date finally served up by the CW. Alright, Supernatural fans. CW finally released their new Fall 2013 premiere dates and schedule,giving us our first glimpse at when we’ll season 9 show up. However, we’ve got a bit of a while to wait as it won’t hit the airwaves until Tuesday night, October 15th, 2013 in the 8pm central time slot. It’s going to be following in behind Vampire Diaries new spinoff show, “The Originals.”

So, all in all, I would say that CW’s Tuesday nights will finally look good again after they totally ruined it last season. I swear, I had never seen such a dismal Tuesday night line up than the one CW whipped up last season. Anyways,yeah, be sure to mark that date down on your TV calenders. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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New Pretty Little Liars Season 4,Episode 4 Intense Spoilers & Clips Released

New Pretty Little Liars season 4,episode 4 intense spoilers & clips released. Last night, ABC Family released the new spoilers and sneak peek,clips (below) for their upcoming “Pretty Little Liars” episode 4 of season 4, and it looks pretty intense and drama-filled as Melissa will get all up in Spencer’s face at one point,and more. The episode is called, “Face Time.”

In the new episode 4, another new detective is going to ask the Liars some hard questions about Rosewood’s latest casualty. Holbrook’s partner, Lt. Tanner, is going to come to town, intensifying their investigation into the Liars and their possible connection to Wilden’s death. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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New Arrow Season 2 Premiere Date Finally Revealed By CW

New Arrow season 2 premiere date finally revealed by CW. As previously reported, CW finally unveiled their Fall 2013 premiere dates ,and Arrow season 2 definitely fell on that list,but it turns out that we’ve got a pretty good wait ahead of as it won’t be dropping until Wednesday night,October 9th,2013 in the same 7pm central time slot.

So, go ahead and mark that down on your calendars. in the meantime , we’ll tide you guys over with the latest spoiler dish and intel. As previously reported, we’re about to see a ton of new spoilers get revealed by the cast and crew at the big 2013 Comic-Con event out in San Diego,California on Saturday,July 20th,2013. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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