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Hunger Games 2 Jennifer Lawrence Spotted Mega Hot,Stylish In New Marie Claire Mag Photos

Hunger Games 2 Jennifer Lawrence spotted mega hot,stylish in new Marie Claire mag photos. Recently,Hunger Games main chick Jennifer Lawrence,posed it up for Marie Claire South Africa magazine’s January 2013 edition ,and she looked absolutely ravishing and sexy for her photo shoot. She sported a very sharp,sleek,silver dress for the cover and just hypnotized us with her alluring,very focused, stare.

Jen also chatted it up with the magazine,revealing exclusive details about herself. She kicked it off by revealing her New Year’s Resolution,stating, “My New Year’s Resolution is to stand up for myself. It’s hard for me. Nobody wants to be disliked. You always want to be polite and be nice. I tried to find a balance in saying what I mean and still being nice. I can’t do it. I have this ‘okay’ attitude and everything. I end up allowing myself to get walked over and resenting it.” Click Here to Continue Reading »

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Once Upon A Time Season 2 Tons Of New Spoilers Revealed By Prince Charming Josh Dallas

Once Upon A Time Season 2 tons of new spoilers revealed by Prince Charming Josh Dallas. Recently, TV Line got a chance to chat it up with “Once Upon A Time,” Prince Charming, star Josh Dallas,and he dropped a ton of new spoiler teasers that we can expect to see,moving forward with season 2.

First,Josh Revealed that Charming and Snow White will definitely face more obstacles as season 2 rolls along,stating, “With all great, epic love stories, there are always obstacles thrown in front of the lovers, all of the time,and particularly with our show.

And I think certainly in the case of Snow and Charming, that will continue to happen throughout the series. But at the moment, now that they’ve gotten back together and they’re both in Storybrooke, there is time to breathe and think about where they are, who they are, what their relationship was and what it can be now, where they belong.” Click Here to Continue Reading »

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New ‘Oz Great And Powerful’ Movie Pic Shows Mila Kunis In Wicked Witch Of The West Action

New ‘Oz Great And Powerful’ movie pic shows Mila Kunis in Wicked Witch Of The West action. Recently, Disney Pictures,dropped this new promo pic for their upcoming fantasy/drama flick “Oz The Great And Powerful,” and it totally looks cool as it gives us our first look at hottie actress Mila Kunis as the crazy Theodora aka the Wicked Witch Of the West,and she really looks awesome in her evil get up. I love it. She definitely looks like she means business as it’s a super intense photo.

The movie stars: James Franco, Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz, Michelle Williams, Zach Braff, Joey King,and Bruce Campbell. In the new flick,small time circus magician Oscar Diggs, suddenly gets hurled away from dusty Kansas to the vibrant Land of Oz,and eventually meets three witches named, Theodora,Evanora, and Glinda. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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New Hunger Games 2,Catching Fire Swamp Spoiler Teaser Dished Out By Jennifer Lawrence

New Hunger Games 2,Catching Fire swamp spoiler teaser dished out by Jennifer Lawrence. Recently, Catching Fire front woman Jennifer Lawrence,chatted it up with MTV News when she learned she got nominated for a Golden Globe award back on December 14th,and she let loose a small spoiler teaser when she referred to her filming escapades for the day.

At some point during their conversation, Jen started chatting about what she was going to be doing on the set that day,and apparently,it involves a little swamp work. She stated, “I’m covered in dirt, I’m drinking coffee, and then I’m going to go get into a swamp later. I’m basically just doing what all the other nominees are doing today. We’re all getting in a swamp together!” So, it turns out that we’re going to see her character Katniss ,getting in a little swamp action for the 75th Annual Hunger Games aka The Quarter Quell. It should be interesting.

The movie stars: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Lenny Kravitz, Elizabeth Banks, Stanley Tucci, Donald Sutherland, Toby Jones, Woody Harrelson, Jena Malone, Click Here to Continue Reading »

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Kristen Stewart Defeated Selena Gomez & More For Best Dressed Star Of 2012

Kristen Stewart defeated Selena Gomez & more for Best Dressed Star Of 2012. Recently Life & Style magazine put together their new “Best Dressed Star Of The Year” contest,and declared Twilight Saga hottie Kristen Stewart the champion for taking many fashion risks ,and stepping outside her comfort zone and sneakers at the red carpet events this year. She beat out some mega top celebs like Selena Gomez,Carrie Underwood,and more to claim the prestigious title. Selena came in a close 2nd,but couldn’t quite edge out K-Stew.

The rest of the top ten included: Emma Stone in 3rd place, Diane Kruger in 4th place. Taylor Swift came in at number 5. Carrie Underwood in 6th place. Jennifer Lopez in 7th place. Jessica Alba in 8th place. Olivia Palermo in 9th place,and the hot,former Desperate Housewives starlet Eva Longoria claimed the 10th spot to complete the list. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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New Castle Season 5,Episode 10 Official Spoilers,Synopsis Released

New Castle season 5,episode 10 official spoilers,synopsis released. Recently,ABC released the new,official,synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming “Castle” episode 10 of season 5,and it sounds pretty intense and drama-filled as a divorce attorney chick gets killed,Castle has to deal with major lady drama,and more. The episode is called, “”Significant Others.”

In the new episode 10, a very powerful divorce attorney ,who only represented women, is going to get murdered, and Castle and Beckett will get confronted by a plethora of angry ex-husbands, any one of whom, could be the murderer. Castle’s ex-wife, Meredith, will move into the loft to take care of Alexis while she recovers from Mono. However, Beckett will is also be forced to move in while her apartment is being fumigated, causing tension, humor, and more than a little awkwardness. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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Kristen Stewart Spotted Going To England To See Robert Pattinson Yesterday

Kristen Stewart spotted going to England to see Robert Pattinson yesterday. According to Hollywood Life and their sources, Twilight Saga hottie Kristen Stewart was spotted catching another outbound flight to London,England to presumably see her main man Robert Pattinson,who was seen over there for Christmas Eve. It’s speculated that Kristen and Rob will ring in the new year together.

Kristen’s sighting was confirmed by Twitter fans,and we also got a special tweet from Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas,because he was on the same flight as her. He tweeted, “I hope I don’t see any vampires or werewolves on this flight because the homegirl from #TWILIGHT is sitting across from me #protectYOURneck.” So, that was pretty funny. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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New Star Trek 2,Into Darkness Spoilery Details & More Dished Out By Screenwriter

New Star Trek 2,Into Darkness spoilery details & more dished out by screenwriter. Recently,Collider got to sit down and chat with “Star Trek 2: Into Darkness” screenwriter Damon Lindelof,and he dished out a few,new,spoiler details on the timeline of the film,details about the powerful enemy that’s showing up,and more.

To begin the interview, Damon stated that “Abrams wanted people to feel like the Enterprise is a massive ship and one of the ways to accomplish this goal was connecting the sets so you could follow actors through the hallways and elevators without any cuts.”

After that,he revealed new details about filming the bridge scenes,stating,they “started filming with all the bridge scenes and it was like fast forwarding through the entire film.” Also, this 2nd installment is going to be set at about 6 months from where the first installment ended. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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New X Men,Wolverine 2 Movie Spoilers Reveal Logan’s Healing Powers May Fail & More

New X Men,Wolverine 2 movie spoilers reveal Logan’s healing powers may fail & more. According to a new report from Collider, main “Wolverine 2: The Wolverine” star, Hugh Jackman recently did another press interview for the flick,and dished out some wicked,new,interesting information that will be going on with Logan aka Wolverine. It turns out that someone may challenge his healing abilities,he’ll be at his lowest point,and more.

After getting begged to give up some info, Hugh broke down and told them, ” You want to get me into trouble, don’t you? Okay, the movie takes place after X-Men: The Last Stand. My character is at his lowest. He is supposed to be able to heal himself, but he may encounter someone who has worked out a way to really hurt him.”

He went on to reveal, “And there is a cameo Click Here to Continue Reading »

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Boardwalk Empire Season 4 Spoilers: Seven New Characters Arriving & More

Seven new characters arriving & more in this new Boardwalk Empire season 4 spoiler tease. Recently, Spoiler TV,dropped a couple new spoiler teasers for the upcoming Boardwalk Empire season 4. It turns out that the crew is currently casting 7 new characters to hop aboard.

To start off with, Al Capone’s brothers, Frank (Al’s older brother) and Ralph (Al’s younger brother) are going to show up. Then they’re bringing on 2 characters from Florida. One of them is an Italian-American gangster named Santo Trafficante. The other one is a ruthless land baron named August Tucker.

Next, we have Calypso Pete, who is an African-American gangster from Harlem. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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