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Big Brother 15 To Feature New MVP Houseguest Twist,New Spoiler

Big Brother 15 to feature new MVP houseguest twist,new spoiler. As previously reported, CBS recently dropped a new press release on us,revealing that they’ve got some big,new,twists in store for their upcoming Big Brother 15 season. This one,in particular, will feature and MVP houseguest every week.

This MVP will be decided by America’s vote,and given a special power. It turns out it was designed to disrupt the game play of people who are just trying to get by with a “floaters” type of game. The press release reads like this: “The second twist will allow BIG BROTHER viewers to play a crucial role in the game by casting votes for the Houseguest they feel is playing the best game.

The Houseguest who receives the most votes will be anointed that week’s, “Big Brother MVP.” The full scope of the MVP’s secret power will be revealed during the season premiere. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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Big Brother 15 To Nominate Three People For Eviction Instead Of Two,New Spoiler

Big Brother 15 to nominate three people for eviction instead of two,new spoiler. Recently,CBS dropped a new,official press released for their upcoming “Big Brother 15″ season,and it turns out that they’re going to be serving up two more annoying new twists this year. instead of nominating the traditional two people for eviction each week, they are going to nominate three!

The 2nd twists will have America’s vote,determining who is going to be the MVP player for the week. Whoever wins it, will get a special power. The full scope of the MVP’s secret power will be revealed during the season premiere. Additionally, America will start casting their votes for this season’s first “Big Brother MVP” before the Houseguests even enter the game, beginning with a pre-premiere vote ,starting Thursday, June 20, following CBS’ cast announcement of the new Houseguests. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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Boardwalk Empire Season 4 Bringing On New Impoverished 1920s Southerners,New Spoilers

Boardwalk Empire season 4 bringing on new impoverished 1920s Southerners,new spoilers. According to some new casting call intel from, the “Boardwalk Empire” season 4 peeps have plans to involve a bunch of 1920′s impoverished Southerners. These people will include both men and women. Filming for whatever the scenes entailed, went down way back on June 7th.

The casting call description, read like this: “Caucasian men and women (20s-70s) with sinewy/thin bodies. Especially looking for people with tans, weathered skin, character faces and missing teeth to portray impoverished 1920s Southerners.

All men must be willing to get their hair cut short/shaped in a 1920s style. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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Dexter Season 8 Bringing On New Mysterious Private Investigator & More,New Spoilers

Dexter season 8 bringing on new mysterious private investigator & more,new spoilers. Recently, Zap2it ,dished up some new spoiler teasers for the upcoming “Dexter” season 8,and it turns out that we’re going to see a new private investigator,show up on the scene.

Also, a new ,very quiet detective,named Angie Miller, will also make her arrival. Angie will be played by actress, Dana L. Wilson, while actor Sean Patrick Flanery will play the mystery private investigator. In their spoiler statement, here’s what they had to say, “Miami Metro is boasting a new team member in the form of Det. Angie Miller (Dana L. Wilson). She’s fairly quiet so far, but you know what they say. It’s always the quiet ones. A new “Dexter” couple definitely has us scratching our heads, but, hey, whatever works. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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Vampire Diaries Spin Off ‘Originals’ New Set Pic Shows Mental Chic Camille Action

Vampire Diaries Spin Off ‘Originals’ new set pic shows mental chic Camille action. Recently, Spoiler TV ,served up this new “behind the scenes” set pic for the upcoming Vampire Diaries spin off show, “The Originals,” and it gives us a new look at hottie actress, Leah Pipes, in action as character Camille.

Camille is a Psychology chick that’s on the scene as a bartender,and is fascinated by the question of whether people can be born bad. After an unimaginably tragic event in her family, Camille became a psychology student in order to study human behavior, in the hopes of proving that people can’t just be evil. Her fixation on the subject might just help her bond with Klaus, though Camille is unaware that her corner of New Orleans is crawling with supernatural beings who tow the line between good and evil. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Emily’s New Hardcore Swim Coach Revealed

Pretty Little Liars season 4 Emily’s new hardcore swim coach revealed. According to a new report from The Hollywood Reporter, the “Pretty Little Liars” season 4 peeps have casts actor,De los Reyes, to come in and play character Dominic. Dominic is described as being a very respected swimming coach who is famous for having sent athletes to the Olympics. His role will be a guest spot for now.

It’s speculated that he will most-likely have a run-in with Emily (Shay Mitchell) since she’s all about the swimming. Dominic’s first appearance is scheduled for one of the August shows,so it’s going to be a while before we see him show up for action. However, it sounds like he might serve up an interesting storyline. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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New Amazing Spider Man 2 Movie Totally Getting Rid Of Mary Jane Watson Character

New Amazing Spider Man 2 movie totally getting rid of Mary Jane Watson character. According to a recent report from and their sources, Marc Webb,who is the director of the upcoming “Amazing Spider-Man 2″ super hero/action flick, has decided to just get rid of the Mary Jane Watson character, who was being played by hottie actress ,Shailene Woodley.

It turns out that Marc decided to save the whole Mary Jane storyline for the 3rd installment of the franchise. Poor Shailene, chatted with the press,and had the following statement in regards to this breaking news: “Of course I’m bummed. But I am a firm believer in everything happening for a specific reason…Based on the proposed plot, I completely understand the need for holding off on introducing Mary Jane until the next film.” Click Here to Continue Reading »

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New Transformers 4 Set Clip Features More Intense Rally Car Driving Action & More

New Transformers 4 set clip features more intense rally car driving action & more. Recently,another new set video (below) from the upcoming “Transformers 4″ action movie, showed up on the net, and it looks pretty intense as it shows new hardcore car driving action from the set that’s located over in Taylor,Texas. They started filming out there on June 12th. This clip shows the Rally race car,which is speculated to belong to the race car driving boyfriend. Check it out,below.

The movie stars: Mark Wahlberg, Jack Reynor, Nicola Peltz, Stanley Tucci, Kelsey Grammer, Sophia Myles, Li Bingbing,and T.J. Miller. Paramount Pictures is ,of course,funding the film again, and director,Michael Bay, is back on the scene to direct it. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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New X Men,Days Of Future Past Set Pic Gives 1st Look At Wolverine Action

New X Men,Days Of Future Past set pic gives 1st look at Wolverine action. Recently,, served up a few,new set photos from the upcoming ” X-Men: Days Of Future Past” action flick,via director, Bryan Singer. This one, looks pretty interesting as it delivers a first look at actor Hugh Jackman on the set as Logan aka Wolverine in nostalgic 70′s action as the movie will be taking some trips through time.

Hugh is currently getting all the Wolverine action that he can handle these days since he just came off filming an entire, new movie about him. Anyways, the movie stars: Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, Nicholas Hoult, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, and Shawn Ashmore. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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Big Brother 15 New House Finally Revealed By Host Julie Chen,New Clip

Big Brother 15 new house finally revealed by host Julie Chen,new clip. Recently, Big Brother host, Julie Chen and Entertainment Tonight,teamed up to introduce us to the new Big Brother 15 house in this new video clip (below). It looks pretty interesting as the house will have a sort of retro feel to it,and more. Basically,it’s well,ugly.

Anyways,in the new clip, Julie started off in the living room area. She also revealed that the traditional nomination chairs are gone,because of one of their wacky,new twists they’ve got going on this season, which is being kept tightly under wraps. Julie also revealed that there’s going to be 16 houseguests this year,which led her to the kitchen and dining room area. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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