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New Bachelorette 2013,Episode 5 Spoilers & Clips Released

New Bachelorette 2013,episode 5 spoilers & clips released. Recently, Reality Steve dropped the new spoilers for the upcoming “Bachelorette 2013,” episode 5,and things get pretty interesting as one of the guys leaves Des hanging,and more. In the new episode 5, Desiree and the guys will be heading over to Munich,Germany for this edition.

It’s going to start off with a 1 on 1 date between Des and Chris Siegfried. They will tour the city of Munich. Then get a private concert from pop artist, Matt White,where Chris will ultimately get an early rose. Next,Des will hit up a group date with Brooks, Drew, Juan Pablo, Kasey, Zak, James, and Mikey. They’ll end up, sledding down the highest peak in Germany. Oh,and bitchy Bryden ends up,eliminating himself. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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Bachelorette 2013 Eliminated Brad McKinzie & Zack Kalter Last Night In Episode 4

Bachelorette 2013 eliminated Brad McKinzie & Zack Kalter last night in episode 4. Ok, so the show started off,giving us some 1 on 1 date footage with Des and Brad. They made their way on out to the amusement park somewhere in Atlantic City,NJ,and took the fancy Rolls Royce to get there.

At one point, they also had a delightful dinner,accompanied with fun and games at the amusement park. And judging by how things looked, you would’ve thought things went great, but deep down in the dark crevice of Des’ mind,she was thinking, “I can’t be with this guy for the rest of my life.” And she ended up, telling him that too. So, he went along on his merry little rejected way after some fake goodbye hugs.

Alright,so now, we were directed to see the group date action that went down. Basically, the guys had to compete in a Mr. America contest that was judged by Des,herself, along with Miss America 2013 ,Mallory Hagan, from New York, and the mayor of Atlantic City, Lorenzo Langford. After all the talent show and swimsuit posing festivities, Des chose Kasey to be the winner. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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Dexter Season 8 To Time Jump 7 Months,New Brain Surgeon Villain Arriving & More

Dexter season 8 to time jump 7 months,new Brain Surgeon villain arriving & more. Recently, Zap2it,dropped some interesting,new spoiler teasers for the upcoming Dexter season 8. It turns out that we’re going to see a major storyline, time jump of about 7 months to start off the new season. A new Brain Surgeon villain is on the scene to pluck out people’s brains,and more.

To start things off, they revealed that “There’s a bit of a time jump from where Season 7 left off, providing several new events that have transpired in the unseen months, including Dexter appearing to be living a pretty full life.” Then they talked about this new Brain Surgeon villain ,and explained, “The killer everyone is hunting this season is The Brain Surgeon, so called because he removes the part of his victims’ brains that process empathy.” Click Here to Continue Reading »

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True Blood Season 6 Sookie’s New Boyfriend To Show His Dark Side & More,New Spoiler

True Blood season 6 Sookie’s new boyfriend to show his dark side & more,new spoiler. Recently, Entertainment Weekly dished out a new spoiler teaser for True Blood season 6,and it turns out that Sookie’s new man ,Ben,played by actor Rob Kazinsky, is going to end up going dark. We’re also going to learn more about Ben’s past in episode 4,titled, “At Last.” Ben’s dark side is also going to get revealed in episodes 4 and 5.

In their spoilery statement, they said, “Sookie’s new love interest, played by Rob Kazinsky. Over the season, the character will evolve in great jumps and bounds. Episode 4 is a very big episode for Ben. You’re going to find out a lot about his past. Ben does have a very dark side. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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New Bachelorette 2013,Episode 4 Second Spoiler Clip Released

New Bachelorette 2013,episode 4 second spoiler clip released. Recently, ABC released this new,2nd,sneak peek/spoiler clip (below) for their upcoming “Bachelorette 2013″ ,episode 4,and it looks pretty interesting as it features the big group date where the guys compete in a Mr. America pageant ,and more.

In the new clip, we see Desiree out on her 1 on 1 date with James as they hit up a Hurricane Sandy location. At another time, Desiree is in a taffy candy factory with Brad. It seemed like a freaking field trip than a date,but whatever. From there, they showed the big Mr. America contest footage with the guys. Check it out,below. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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New True Blood Season 6 Rest Of Season Spoiler Clip Released

New True Blood season 6 rest of season spoiler clip released. Recently, HBO dropped this new sneak peek/spoiler clip (below) that gives us a look at what we can expect to see as the rest of “True Blood” season 6, rolls along. In the new clip, Sookie reveals that she’s just absolutely fed up with just about everything. Bill is confused about what’s happening to him ,and Lilleth ,implies that he won’t get to stay Bill Compton forever.

Bill also barges in on Sookie,claiming he’s operating by a new set of rules. Sookie is seen,getting her freak on at one point. We also see a lot of violence and guns rounds getting fired off. Werewolves are seen,running for their lives. The new Governor is trying to kill off the vampires,and is making a pretty good effort at it. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Aria,Hanna,Emily & Spencer To Get New Love Lives,New Spoilers

Pretty Little Liars season 4 Aria,Hanna,Emily & Spencer to get new love lives,new spoilers. Recently, Entertainment Weekly dished up some new spoiler dish on what Pretty Little Liars season 4 has in store for us as the season rolls along. It turns out that all the Liar girls are going to get them some new loving action this season,even Spencer as she falls on the outs with Toby,and more.

In their spoilery statement, they revealed that Executive Producer ,Oliver Goldstick, told them, “It’s a very interesting season for that. All four girls have a person somewhere on the horizon. Many of these romantic interests don’t surface maybe till we’re deep in season 4A. Sometimes, earlier than that. For Emily, for Spencer, for Hannah, there is competition for their affection, coming up.” Click Here to Continue Reading »

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Dexter Season 8 Deb To Go Dark,Spend Months Away From Dexter & More

Dexter season 8 Deb to go dark,spend months away from Dexter & more. As previously reported, Entertainment Weekly, dished out some new spoiler teasers for the upcoming Dexter season 8,and it turns out that when the premiere stars up, we’ll see that Dexter and Deb have actually not seen each other in months.

If that weren’t enough,it’ll be revealed that Deb has gone down a very dark path,taking all types of drugs and absolutely wants nothing to do with Dexter! In their spoilery statement, they said, “Deb’s gone down a dark path since we saw her last, but how far down the rabbit hole has she gone? Well, she’s doing lines of coke and mixing all sorts of pills, for starters. But most disturbing of all? Click Here to Continue Reading »

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Dexter Season 8 Dexter To Meet New Doctor Lady That Knows All His Secrets,New Spoiler

Dexter season 8 Dexter to meet new Doctor Lady that knows all his secrets,new spoiler. Recently, Entertainment Weekly,dished out some new spoiler teasers for the upcoming Dexter season 8,and it turns out that a new Doctor lady,named Doctor Evelyn Vogel is going to show up on the scene,and actually know all of Dexter’s little killing secrets since she actually helped Harry invent the code he goes by.

In their spoiler statement, they said, “We’ve seen Dexter have friends in the past who know his secret, but Dr. Evelyn Vogel (Charlotte Rampling) has a whole new level of knowledge on Dexter. She knew Harry, and helped him invent Dexter’s Code.” Click Here to Continue Reading »

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New Transformers 4 Set Pic Features 1st Look At New Sonic RS Rally Car Action

New Transformers 4 set pic features 1st look at new Sonic RS Rally Car action. Recently, Transformers movie director,Michael Bay,dropped this new Transformers 4 set pic on his official site,and captioned it with the following statement: “The Ultimate Sonic RS, just pure fun.” This car also showed up in the latest set clip that was released the other day. It’s speculated that it might belong to the race car driving boyfriend that’s featured in the new flick.

As previously reported,filming is currently taking place in itty bitty, Taylor,Texas,and main star ,Mark Wahlberg, was seen,arriving earlier this past week. They also shot some wicked car driving scenes over there. Filming will be taking place in a couple of different places. They’ve already hit up the Utah/Arizona desert area,and also have Chicago on their scheduled at some point. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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