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Dr. Conrad Murray Found Guilty Of Killing Micheal Jackson Today

Dr. Conrad Murray found guilty of killing Micheal Jackson today. According to TMZ, and just about every news outlet on the planet, finally, Dr. Conrad Murray has been found guilty in a court of law for killing the legendary entertainer Michael Jackson. To be more specific,he was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter for giving Michael Jackson too much damn propofol.

They say, La Toya Jackson and Kathy Hilton started crying after the verdict was read. The jury,reportedly, only took about 9 hours to reach their guilty verdict. The judge asked each of the jurors,individually, if they were sure of their verdict before concluding the hearing. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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New Clip Features Selena Gomez Doing Cute Nicki Minaj Rap

New clip features Selena Gomez doing cute Nicki Minaj rap. This new video (below) recently popped up on the net,and features Disney Starlet Selena Gomez,rapping to rapstar Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass” song. In the clip, Selena was wearing a cute,white dress backstage. Then,all of a sudden, she burst into rap to lip sync the song,and she did a pretty good job with the fast,uptempo song.

Selena is,apparently,going to be hosting 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards on November 6th,and her,new,rap lip sync performance is reportedly going to be used as a promo for the show. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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Twilight’s Kristen Stewart Showed Off Her Bikini Sexiness For New GQ Pic

    kristen stewart in bikini,gq magazine

Twilight’s Kristen Stewart showed off her bikinis sexiness for new GQ pic. Twilight Saga main lady Kristen Stewart was recently at it again,posing hot for the GQ UK magazine,November 2011, edition. She’s seen sporting a classic,black bikini,and looking sexy as hell with an intense stare into the camera.

According to sources, the new issue is scheduled to hit newsstands on October 6th,and features Kristen floating in a pool. Kristen also posed for the Glamour,November 2011 issue,and did some sexy poses for them. She also talked about the Breaking Dawn wedding scene,and dished some intense stuff that went on during the final take. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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‘Black Swan’ review: It’s dark and intense but goes a little too far at times


Darren Aronofsky’s “Black Swan” is almost perfect. And I’m about to give it an almost perfect review. Not perfect, almost perfect. I’ll explain why soon.

I really liked the movie. I loved the mind-f**k. I LOVED the amped ballet score as the movie score. I loved Natalie Portman. I loved Barbara Hershey. I even loved Mila Kunis. It was almost perfect. But Aronofsky went too far with the swan transformation effects.

It just all needed some editing. I think I would’ve been OK had it not been for the scene with the legs. That’s all I’m saying to not spoil anything. I also think there was too much crotch grabbing. Sex for the sake of sex doesn’t do anything for a movie. The entire thing teetered on the fine line between serious and camp. 

“Black Swan” tells the story of Nina Sayers (Portman) a ballerina who lives in a city apartment with her over-bearing stage mother. It’s hard to understand Nina’s age because her mother (Hershey) dresses (and undresses her) and sleeps in her room, which is adorned with childish decor and stuffed animals. Nina is a very disciplined dancer and because of the company’s aging star’s (Winona Ryder) forced retirement, she is chosen to dance the lead in “Swan Lake.”

Nina’s artistic director Thomas (Vincent Cassel) tells her she’s perfect as the white swan but he isn’t sure she can handle dancing the black swan. He tells her, while technically perfect, she doesn’t know how to get lost in herself and the dance. So Nina works hard to embody the black swan. And of course, she works a little too hard. She quickly goes mad and with the help of her new rival Lily (Kunis) quickly spirals out of control.

She starts seeing things and imagining things. She lashes out at her mother. She even imagines she’s turning into the black swan. It’s one of those movies where you can pretty much believe what you want to believe. I realize she wasn’t really turning into a swan. It was all a part of her madness. What I’m not sure about are any of the other things that happened. For example, the much talked about sex scene between Portman’s and Kunis’ character. Did it really happen? Who knows. We’ll just have to make our own conclusions.

Regardless of what I say about Aronofsky needing editing, he did create a masterpiece. And it was Portman who really made it all work. If awards voters can look past what some might call borderline camp, she should be taking home all the gold, even the Oscar. 3.5 stars



‘Dexter’ Season 5 finale recap: From wild to mild


“Dexter,” Season 5, Epsiode 12: “The Big One”

This time last season, I was sill sitting on my couch with my jaw on the floor. Seriously, after “Dexter” Season 4’s finale, I literally sat there in silence for five minutes. Then I digested what I had just seen and spent the rest of the year still trying to shake off what was personally the greatest shock in my television viewing history.

So that fact that “Dexter” Season 5 wrapped things up quietly was a relief. I didn’t need another shock. I’m happy with the ending. I imagine a lot of you won’t be. At least not immediately. But I hope you consider a couple things. One: “Dexter” had not been renewed by the time of filming. A cliffhanger or shocker could’ve never been played out. Two: Last season’s finale can’t be topped anyway. Ever.

I also hope the Nanny theorists aren’t too disappointed. Maybe she’ll turn out to be Lila’s mom next season. Or maybe she’s just a way, in the style of soap operas, for a baby to not mess up the storytelling process too much.

So I’ve covered the ending. The rest of the episode was definitely finale-worthy. Dexter (Michael C. Hall) is getting ready to find Jordan (Jonny Lee Miller) and Lumen (Julia Stiles) but before he can get to it, RoboCop’s (Peter Weller) murder is called in. Since it’s an “officer down,” the entire department heads to the scene, including Dexter. And by boat for some reason.

At the scene, Dexter processes his own murder and LaGuerta (Lauren Velez) questions Quinn (Desmond Harrington). She tells him RoboCop’s cell phone indicates the last several calls were made to Quinn. Uh-Oh. Then she looks down and sees blood on Quinn’s shoe. It’s RobCop’s blood but not even Quinn knows that. But he suspects it and requests a lawyer. LaGuerta orders Quinn back to the station for questioning. He’s basically the main suspect.

Dexter is able to break free, and heads off to rescue Lumen. He steals a car and makes his way to the creepy River of Jordan summer camp. Oh, so that’s where he got his name. Ha. Anyway, Jordan is torturing Lumen and Dexter’s terrible driving skills return. He again, violently crashes the car he’s in. Jordan finds him, ties him up and puts him with Lumen.

Jordan does that thing most people do to give the “hero” time to get untied. So Dexter frees himself and stabs Jordan through the foot. Jordan can’t even move. It’s awesome. Then he knocks Jordan out. Jordan wakes up strapped to a table. Dexter tells Lumen he’s hers. She freaks out and stabs Jordan.

As they’re debating the cleanup, Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) is arriving at the camp to investigate a tip. We’re lead to believe that this is finally the moment Deb will find out who Dexter is. And she almost does. But as she approaches Dexter and Lumen, there’s a sheet of plastic blocking them. She tells them to freeze. Then explains that she gets what they’re doing. Then she lets them go. Oh Deb, it really runs in the family.

Deb’s entire story arc, season after season shaped her for that exact moment. After all the terrible things she’s been trough. The ice truck killer. Lundy. Everything. She can sympathize with what the people behind the plastic are up to. She had to let them go. It makes perfect sense.

So she leaves, calls in the scene and Dexter and Lumen clean up the crime. Jordan is written off as missing like the others and the case is closed. I’m not sure why it’s closed since everyone’s missing, but whatever.

Lumen decides it’s time for her to go. Her dark passenger has moved on. Dexter hasn’t found his soul mate. But he was able to let someone know and care for the real him.

Dexter heads off to Harrison’s birthday party and Quinn shows up. We learn Dexter cleared Quinn’s name all for the sake of helping Deb find happiness. Everyone’s happy and everyone has someone. Even Dexter. Don’t feel bad for him. He’s never alone. The Dark Passenger is always there and it even gave us a smirk in the last shot.

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‘The Walking Dead’ season finale recap: Out with a bang


“The Walking Dead,” Season 1, Episode 6: “TS-19”

“The Walking Dead” had some ups and downs for such a short season. But Sunday’s season finale more than made up for any of the times I was bored by the show.

It opened with a flashback between Shane and Rick. It recounted how Rick was both abandoned in the hospital and why Shane thought his friend and partner was dead. Shane isn’t a bad guy (which I hope we all realize). It’s just that what’s going on around him has turned him into a live wire. The flashback proves Shane did all he could to rescue Rick from the hospital. He at least kept the dead out of his room by barricading it with a hospital bed.

Cut back to modern day. The group of survivors are inside the Center for Disease Control and appear to be the safest they’ve been since the outbreak. Dr. Jenner says they can come in as long as they submit to a blood test. They agree. He also warns them that once the doors close they won’t reopen. They don’t question this.


The group isn’t happy to find that Dr. Jenner is the only person left at the CDC. But they are happy there’s food, hot water and general safety. But something still isn’t right. He’s not telling them much. Everyone gets drunk to forget their worries. A drunken Shane nearly rapes Lori. But she scratches him and he leaves.

The following morning at breakfast, they demand some answers from Jenner. He takes them to where all the CDC magic happens, queues up the computer and gives them a lesson. He shows them what happens to a person who is infected through death and resurrection. He also lets them in on the fact that he’s failed, has no idea what the disease is and there likely isn’t any cure anywhere. Or maybe no one else but them for that matter.

Then someone notices a countdown clock and Jenner tells them that’s when the generator power runs out. He won’t tell them what that means exactly. Rick asks the computer. “She” informs them that once the power runs out the CDC will undergo complete decontamination. Which they soon learn means the entire building will be blown up by explosives almost as powerful as a nuclear weapon.

Jenner kind of flips out a bit and locks them all in there with him. Playing God, he informs them they’re stuck and they’re better off to stay in there with him and meet a quick and painless death. The alternative doesn’t sound much better, but they’re not ready to give up. Well, most of them. Jenner does finally let them free but Andrea and Jacqui decide to stay and meet their deaths. Dale convinces Anderea to go just in time.


Everyone who wants to be outside is just as the clock is running out. Then the CDC explodes. I won’t complain about how fake and disappointing the graphics were here because I liked the episode.  So the survivors get into their vehicles and take off. Who knows where they end up and what next season holds.

I thought the finale was a great mixture of suspense and drama with a great payoff. I knew they weren’t all going to die, but I never quite expected it to end the way it did. It got pretty intense in the last 15 minutes. I kind of hoped Andrea had stayed in the building. I know that sounds terrible but I don’t like her. If I see her pull a gun on someone she shouldn’t one more time, I’m going to explode.

It was also pretty frustrating in the sense that Jenner kind of betrayed them. They thought they were safe there. They not only thought there would probably be a cure there, but the facility is kind of a dream for survivors. There’s no way the dead could get into that building. And there’s food. And water and comfort. Then they find out it was all very temporary.

Were you as impressed by the season finale as I was? What did you think of the season as a whole? What do you think Jenner whispered to Rick before he left the building? Maybe one of the survivors is actually infected?


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‘Dexter’ Season 5 Episode 10 recap: The magic returns

DEXTER (Season 5)

“Dexter” Season 5, Episode 10: “In The Beginning”

For the first time this season, “Dexter” grabbed me, pulled me in and made me care about my favorite TV show again.

It’s been a long and slow season for me. I love the characters and am devoted to the show but I’ve felt so disconnected this season. I feel like the usual “Dexter” magic is missing. But Sunday’s episode brought the magic back. I’m connected once again. It’s not cool that it took 10 (out of 12) to get me there, but at least it did. And I knew it would.

Last week ended with Jordan Chase calling Dexter’s (Michael C. Hall) house and realizing he was talking to Lumen (Julia Stiles). So this week, Dexter takes all precautions. He sends Harrison away and he takes Lumen to his (or is it Deb’s?) apartment as they plan to get rid of Lumen’s final two attackers.

The blood sample Dexter took from Jordan’s necklace turned out to be from a woman still alive. Dexter and Lumen visit her but she shuts them out.

Back at the station, LaGuerta (Lauren Velez) and the team are going over the newly-reopened barrel girls case and their prime suspect is Jordan’s head of security Cole. But of course Dexter and Lumen disposed of him last week. Since they don’t know that, Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) and Quinn (Desmond Harrington) go after Cole. Jordan informs them he’s been missing for a bit. Deb rips Jordan a new one. And they’re off.

At Cole’s house Quinn finds a collection of DVDs that feature the recorded tortures and murders of the 13 victims. That means Lumen’s DVD is in the mix too. And Deb has seen Lumen. Dexter panics. He quickly figures out a way to get the No. 13 DVD so no one will ever link Lumen or him to the case.

Lumen goes back to the woman from Jordan’s necklace. This time she lets her in. She tells Lumen everything. Jordan, who used to be a fat kid called Eugene, and his buddies (Cole, Boyd, Dentist Dan and mystery man) raped and tortured her at a summer camp when they were teenagers. She also tells Lumen who the fifth man in the photo is. His name is Alex Tilden.

Before Dexter and Lumen get to Alex, Deb and Quinn do. It turns out Alex (Scott Grimes) had shown up in Cole’s phone call log and Deb and Quinn were there checking him out.

Lumen and Dexter first have to check out Alex’s house and figure out where the kill room should be. They find a place and plan for the kill the following day.

Jordan shows up at his first victim’s house and we learn that she is still in with Jordan for some reason and she told Lumen everything because he asked her to. So there’s something very strange going on there. He even tells her she made him who he is today. What? I really can’t wait now to find out that’s all about.

Dexter and Lumen are getting ready for the big night. Lumen comes out in her tight-fitting black kill suit and you can almost hear Dexter’s boner popping up. He gives her a gift: her very own black murderer gloves. How sweet!

Oh, and RoboCop (Peter Weller) is totally on to Dexter and Lumen. He is recording them and sees Dexter teaching Lumen how to stab someone. Even though that’s unnecessary drama, I’m interested to see what becomes of his investigation and, in turn, Quinn. Will Dexter have to kill them? Or will there be a much easier way out?

So it turns out Jordan is setting up Lumen and Dexter. He knows they’ll be going after Alex next, so he scopes out Alex’s house until the two arrive. He then calls Deb and tells her some garbage that will lead her to Alex’s house right in the middle of Dexter and Lumen’s kill.

So Alex is plastic wrapped and wakes up to Dexter cutting his face. Then Lumen comes in to do her first official kill. It turns out to be one of the craziest scenes in a long time. Deb and Quinn are closing in on Alex’s house. Dexter’s boner returns over Lumen doing her thing with Alex. And she really does it. I wasn’t sure she would, but she did. She stabbed Alex in the heart.

Then Deb and Quinn bust in! Psych! They’re at Alex’s house, but the kill room was set up in an empty house on Alex’s street. Brilliant. That’s the show I’ve loved for five years now. But Deb is starting to piece things together. After everything else that’s been going on and after finding a small footprint outside Alex’s home, she has a hunch that the 13th victim might be on a vigilante killing spree.

Following the kill, Dexter and Lumen have sex (told you he had a boner). We all know Dexter gets his rocks off from killing and it looks like Lumen does as well. Maybe Dexter has finally found his soul mate. His final line of the night could be very telling. “With Lumen I’m someone different, ” he says. “In her eyes, I’m not a monster at all.” But we’ll see how that really plays out in the last two episodes of the season.

So what did you think? What’s going on with Jordan and his first “victim?” Thoughts? There were SO many things going on in this episode. What did I miss? Let’s talk about it all.


‘The Walking Dead’ Episode 5 recap: Like wildfire


“The Walking Dead,” Season 1, Episode 5: “Wildfire”

After last week’s attack on the camp, the survivors are starting to clean up and regroup. Rick, using his CB radio, has warned Morgan (from episode 1) to avoid Atlanta. And Andrea is watching guard over her dead sister Amy.

The survivors are trying to destroy the campers killed in the attack because it’s inevitable that they’ll become zombies. Andrea, however, is holding out with her sister. She even pulls a gun on Rick (for the second time, mind you). For some reason, that action really made me mad. So mad that I thought they should just kill her too. I can’t believe I actually agreed with resident redneck Darryl. But I did. Andrea has done nothing but piss me off since the beginning. I’m wondering since her character has no redeeming qualities if she’ll end up dead before the end of next week’s season finale.

Amy finally wakes up as a zombie. It turns out Andrea was just waiting on that moment so she could apologize for being a crappy sister. Andrea realizes Amy is hungry and shoots her in the head. What a terrible task that had to be. This show really goes places we’ve never been.

Just as things have quieted down, we find out Jim, the prophet from last week, has a secret. He was bitten by a walker. He’s getting sick fast. Darryl, of course, suggests pickaxing him in the head then and there. But Rick decides it’s time to leave camp and head for the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta. There could be hope for Jim and the rest of them there.

So the campers pack up and hit the road. Rick sends Morgan the message that they’re leaving the camp. But we still don’t know if Morgan is even hearing it. On the road Jim’s condition worsens and he asks to be left behind. The others grant him is wish, prop him up against a tree and take off.

Elsewhere we see a new face. A man is talking to a monitor. “It’s day 194 since Wildfire was declared,” he says. “There is no clinical progress to report.” That’s Dr. Jenner, the lone survivor at the CDC. He’s still working on a cure for the outbreak (Wildfire), which (I think) we learn is called TS-19.

Dr. Jenner then makes a mistake, contaminates his work which self destructs, thus destroying any chances of finding a cure. Then the survivors show up. He spots them on a monitor and debates on whether he should let them in. As walkers approach, Rick pleads and begs for someone to let them in. Dr. Jenner finally does.

Next week is the season finale. What do you think or hope will happen?

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‘The Walking Dead’ Epiosde 4 recap: Now that’s the way to close an episode


“The Walking Dead,” Season 1, Episode 4: “Vatos”

“The Walking Dead’s” fourth episode opened with some pretty subtle foreshadowing.

Andrea and Amy are fishing and reminiscing about how their father taught them to fish. It was a tender family moment, but a bit forced. I immediately knew something was going to happen to one of them. Also in the opening scene, we see Jim frantically digging holes. Is he looking for something or is he digging graves? Oh, it’s probably just nothing.

In the city, Rick, Glenn, T-Dog and Daryl realize Merle cut his hand off to escape and is definitely still alive. They follow his blood trail for awhile then hatch a plan to re-claim the bag of guns Rick left behind earlier. Glenn goes for the bags but is intercepted by another group of survivors who appear to be gang members. They kidnap Glenn but leave behind one of their own, leaving Rick and crew with some leverage.

They meet up with the gang to exchange “prisoners.” Yeah, I know, it seemed like a lot of unnecessary and boring drama to me too. Then we find out the gang is really just guarding a deserted nursing home still filled with patients. Lame. Boring.

So they call a truce, share some guns and decide to head back to their own survivor camp. But their van is missing. Uh oh. Merle. They believe Merle is headed back to the survivor camp to start trouble.


As we’re expecting Merle to crash in on the nice little fish fry at the camp, we’re surprised by a zombie attack. The first victim is the much deserving Ed. But then Amy is attacked. Brutally. So that’s what that family moment in the beginning was about.

About 12 more zombies show up and they’re grabbing survivors left and right. The survivors start fighting back but the attack isn’t over until Rick and company return to help. It’s unclear of what the body count is, but Amy seems to be the only surprise victim.

At least there are some graves started thanks to Jim’s premonition.

The episode was pretty slow. I was almost annoyed over the Glenn kidnapping and gang element. I’m just in the belief that walking dead people and the drama within the survivor camp are plenty to deal with. But the show redeemed itself at the end with the gory zombie attack. That also still leaves open what will happen when Merle finds his way back to the group.

What did you think of this episode? And there are only two more left. What do you hope happens?

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‘Dexter’ Season 5, Episode 8 recap: Dexter reveals all of himself to Lumen

DEXTER (Season 5)

“Dexter,” Season 5, Episode 8: “Take It”

I’m not sure what makes Dexter think he can trust anyone after Lila, Miguel and Trinity, but for some reason, he decided to spill his guys to Lumen in Sunday night’s episode.

Dexter (Michael C. Hall) and Lumen (Julia Stiles) spent the episode stalking Cole, one of the men who raped and tortured Lumen. Dexter had decided the place to make Cole his next victim would be at the hotel hosting Jordan Chase’s latest conference. He rented the room next to Cole’s and set his plan in motion.

But he decided to let Lumen in on it. He even sent her on a hardware store trip to buy “kill room” supplies. Lumen even helped him prepare the room. Of course when it came down to it, the original plan was foiled. The backup plan was as well, as Cole spotted Lumen and chased her down. As he was attacking her, Dexter comes in and saves the day.

Cole wakes up on the table and refuses to give up the other attackers, so Dexter does the deed. Lumen watches. She’s figured out who Dexter is but I don’t think she sees him as a monster. She sees that he’s doing a good deed. Dexter confirms Lumen’s thoughts and hands the slide with Cole’s blood over to her. She accepts it and is therefore accepting who Dexter is and who she has become as well.

There was one thing that really confused me about all that. Apparent Dexter didn’t know Jordan was in on Lumen’s attack. I knew. You knew. I thought Dexter knew. But he didn’t figure it out until this episode. I guess I was jumping the gun, but I’ve known for two weeks that Jordan was a part of that team. I’m so confused why Dexter didn’t.

Elsewhere, Lt. LaGuerta (Lauren Velez) is up to her old tricks. She’s put the blame on the Santa Muerta case blunder on Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) which resulted in Deb’s suspension. I’m not surprised. LaGuerta isn’t a villain, she just will not let anything come between her and her job. Anything.

Batista (David Zayas) catches Deb on her way out and lets her know he’s not going to stand by his wife’s decision to blame everything on Deb. That should cause for some interesting twists with Batista and LaGuerta. They probably never should’ve been paired together anyway. I’m starting to think the show runners are thinking that as well and are correcting it with this storyline.

I do love all the screen time LaGuerta is getting. I love that character and I love Velez. Even more LaGuerta please.

Oh, and RoboCop photographs Dexter and Lumen dumping Cole’s body at sea (that’s some high-powered lens). Looks like he’ll show Quinn (Desmond Harrington) next week, sealing both their fates. There’s a chance Quinn s might survive this season, but Peter Weller is done for.

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