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New Hercules 2014 Movie Official Spoilers,Synopsis Revealed Plus Filming Started Already

New Hercules 2014 movie official spoilers,synopsis revealed plus filming started already. A couple of days back on June 10th, MGM and Paramount Pictures, released some very important news about their big,new “Hercules” 2014 remake flick. Out of their big press release,came the official synopsis,along with the fact that they are currently filming the thing over in Budapest,Hungary right at this very moment. If you didn’t know by now, WWE wrestling star/actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will be playing Hercules.

And with no further ado, the official synopsis reads like this: “Based on the graphic novel “Hercules: The Thracian Wars,” the ensemble-action film is a revisionist take on the classic myth set in a grounded world where the supernatural does not exist. The screenplay is by Ryan Condal and Evan Spiliotopoulos. Everyone knows the legend of Hercules and his twelve labors. Our story begins after the labors, and after the legend. Click Here to Continue Reading »

New Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 Movie Found Directors,Filming To Begin In Early 2014

New Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 movie found directors,filming to begin in early 2014. According to a new report from Deadline, the Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 peeps are currently on the ball and ready to make this thing happen. They’ve just hired the directing team of Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg to come aboard and get it going.

Main man, Johnny Depp and producer, Jerry Bruckheimer, have both given the new directors their stamp of approval,and are currently in heavy negotiations with Disney Studios. It’s speculated that an agreement will get reached pretty quickly,and filming will start up either in late 2013, or more realistically, in early 2014, around January or February.

Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides brought Click Here to Continue Reading »

New Percy Jackson 2,Sea Of Monsters 2nd Movie Trailer Released Yesterday

New Percy Jackson 2,Sea Of Monsters 2nd movie trailer released yesterday. Yesterday morning, 20th Century Fox dropped this new,2nd,movie trailer (below) for their upcoming action/fantasy film, “Percy Jackson 2: Sea Of Monsters,” and it appears to be very wild and interesting as Percy and the gang encounter tons of new, supernatural creatures and events as they try and hunt down the awesome Golden Fleece,which can save their land. Check it out,below.

The movie stars: Logan Lerman, Brandon T. Jackson, Alexandra Daddario, Douglas Smith, Mary Birdsong, Yvette Nicole Brown, Missi Pyle, Nathan Fillion, Anthony Head, Paloma Kwiatkowski, Leven Rambin, Stanley Tucci, Robert Maillet, and Zoe Aggeliki. Click Here to Continue Reading »

New Hangover 4 Movie Not Happening,It’s Really Over Forever

New Hangover 4 movie not happening, it’s really over forever. According to a new report from Heatworld, Hangover,Alan Garner star, Zach Galifianakis ,has recently confirmed that there will not be a Hangover 4 movie being made. This is pretty much what we figured as that was the report back when part 3 was announced way back when. Actually, part 3 was so good that I was actually hoping they would continue the franchise further,but oh well.

They went on to reveal that Zach was actually uncertain about returning to do the 3rd installment as he told Empire Magazine: “It didn’t make sense at first. I’m a leave-well-enough-alone kind of person. But looking back, I’m happy we did the third one. It feels like it’s wrapping up nicely, where the second didn’t feel like it was. A third one felt like it gave our characters a conclusion.”

While it doesn’t look like there will be a 4th installment, Zach did joke about doing a reunion if they make it to 90 years old ,stating, “What I would love to do is, if we all make it to 90, then get back together. That would be fun. But that’s not going to happen. There’s not going to be a fourth one.” Click Here to Continue Reading »

Miley Cyrus Spotted Topless And Mega Sexy For New V Magazine Photo Spread

Miley Cyrus spotted topless and mega sexy for new V Magazine photo spread. Recently, mega popstar/actress, Miley Cyrus ,decided to pose it up for the latest,May 2013 issue of V Magazine,and she just looked smoking hot. As you can see,she went topless with hand covering the goodies,of course. Then showed off some sexy butt cheek action,and I must say, the short hair was working for her in these pics as it gave her an extra edgy look or something. Also,I totally dug the hot jeans look on her too. She rocked it out.

Miley also interviewed with the magazine, and revealed what we should already know. She can’t hang with her main dude ,Liam Hemsworth, 24 hours a day. She stated, “I’m not home with my boyfriend all the time. We work! He gets up to work out at six and I come home around five from the studio. Every week it’s, ‘Are they broken up? Because we don’t see a photo of them.’ I don’t have time to go to Starbucks with my boyfriend every morning. I wish I did, but I don’t.” Click Here to Continue Reading »

New Iron Man 4 Movie Most Likely Happening & More

New Iron Man 4 movie most likely happening & more. According to a new report from Hypable and a couple of other sources, it’s definitely looking like an Iron Man 4 flick will definitely happen. It’s just a matter of will Robert Downey,Jr. be on board or not.

They said, Marvel Studios’ President, Kevin Feige recently told the Huffington Post, “certainly our plan to continue to have Robert Downey in the persona of Tony Stark for many, many years to come.” Also, director Shane Black had this little comment in response to that big question, stating, “There has been a lot of discussion about it: ‘Is this the last Iron Man for Robert?’ Something tells me that it will not be the case, and will be seen in a fourth, or fifth … But I can be a little excited…” Click Here to Continue Reading »

Spartacus Season 4 Definitely Not Happening,It’s Over Forever

Spartacus Season 4 definitely not happening,it’s over forever. So, yeah, guys. The decision to end Spartacus after season 3 was actually made way back in June of 2012,or around that time,so season 4 is definitely not happening. Why? Well, it turns out that all the troubles and heartaches the show went through with the Death of Andy Whitfield and other issues,just proved to be to got damn much for show creator, Steven S. DeKnight, and he just wanted to end everything on a high note.

Here’s what Steven told IGN, “Starz always does the unexpected. This show has been challenged, to say the least, in many, many ways. We’ve faced many difficulties and tragedies on the show. My original plan was to attack the show in a five- to seven-season arc. Once we got into it and after Andy Whitfield’s passing and looking at the historical story of Spartacus, we came to the decision to basically end on a high note.” Click Here to Continue Reading »

New Avatar 2 & 3 Spoilery Details Dished Out By Producer Jon Landau

New Avatar 2 & 3 spoilery details dished out by producer Jon Landau. According to a new report from Deadline, Avatar movie producer ,Jon Landau,recently showed up at the 2013 NAB Technology Summit,and spilled a few spoiler beans about how they’ll be filming a couple of the scenes for the Avatar 2 and 3 movies as well as what they’ll have to offer the viewer.

It turns out that they’re using a technology called, “performance capture in water,” which is supposed to serve up visually tantalizing features,and more. Jon told them, ” We want to take advantage of the technologies brilliant people are putting out to make the next two movies even more emotionally engaging and visually tantalizing, and to really wrap up the story arc of our two main characters.”

After that,he closed out his brief Avatar chat by revealing why they want to use this technology,explaining, Click Here to Continue Reading »

New Resident Evil 6 Movie Release Date Finally Served Up By Sony Pictures

New Resident Evil 6 movie release date finally served up by Sony Pictures. According to a past report from, Sony Pictures finally gave us a release date for their upcoming “Resident Evil 6,” which is going to land on September 12th,2014,and filming is speculated to start around or about the Fall of 2013. No title or other details have been revealed at this time.

However, Director Paul W.S. Anderson ,did reveal, he already had a script mapped out for this 6th installment. The previous “Resident Evil 5: Retribution” flick , made a whopping $221 million dollars in sales, worldwide,so it sounds like it did pretty damn well. It capped off with Alice at the White House,and in the midst of facing a major threat with Wesker by her side. Click Here to Continue Reading »

New Oz The Great And Powerful Part 2,Sequel Movie Already Started With Screenwriter & More

New Oz The Great And Powerful part 2,sequel movie already started with screenwriter & more. According to a new report from The Hollywood Reporter, Walt Disney Pictures has already hired a screenwriter to go ahead and pen the script for a sequel to this past weekend’s box office hit, “Oz The Great And Powerful” action/fantasy movie.

They’ve hired Mitchell Kapner to screenwrite the sequel,and Joe Roth will return to produce it. They worked together on the first one. Also, screenwriter ,David Lindsay-Abaire, came on to help out in the latter stages of the flick. The movie apparently brought in a ton of money over the weekend with a whopping $80 million dollars in ticket sales. It costs around $200 million dollars to make the film,so it should be profitable pretty soon.

Currently, there’s no word on which actors will be returning,but we do assume that leading star ,James Franco, would return. Click Here to Continue Reading »

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