jj_abramsParamount has just inked a new deal with JJ Abrams to keep him and his Bad Robot Productions company around through 2013. Keep in mind that Abrams has still only one movie under his belt, “Cloverfield.” I was terribly disappointed with “Cloverfield” after all the massive hype to get 85 minutes of nausea inducing shakey-cam.

The fact that Paramount is jumping up and down to lock Abrams in place for at least a few more years is hopefully a very good indicator on what we can expect with “Star Trek.” I know the latest trailer for “Star Trek” was awesome, but so was the hype for “Cloverfield.” Don’t do it twice, JJ.

Following on the heel’s of the “Star Trek” release on May 8th, Bad Robot Productions will be gearing up for the summer production of the comedy “Morning Glory,” starring Harrison Ford and Rachel McAdams. “Morning Glory” features Ford as an “old school” anchorman who gets recruited to revive a failing morning talk show and presumably starts a spring-winter romance. Hmm…

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